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Worst Purchases I made for my Fantasy Self

I spent a large part of my money-making life trying to feed this fantasy I had of myself. Not my true self, but the person I thought I needed to be. The fantasy self is the person you think you need to be. I am on a journey of getting my finances in check and although they never were out of check, I have made some really big adult saving decisions for the next five years. In doing so, I have thought back to my fantasy self and purchases that just didn't make sense.

I did do something similar last January, but talking about finances is important and shouldn't just be a one time occurrence. It's important to remember that if you are now thinking of your mistake purchases, don't feel bad, these purchases happen.

Here are my worst purchases for my fantasy self:

1) Eating at restaurants

I am the queen of eating at restaurants and racking up a $60 bill just on myself. I have really nipped eating at restaurants in the bud, so now it only happens occasionally.

2) Buying a kayak

I love my kayak, I am happy I have it, but I bought a kayak I have used a total of 10 times. I will always have this kayak, but it wasn't a practical purchase. I thought I would be a morning kayaker, living my best nature life.

3) Paying for a gym membership

I paid for a gym membership for at least a year and a half and I never actually went to the gym. I now to go a different gym, but I always thought I would use my membership if I paid for it. I like the gym now, but what a waste.

4) Purchasing clothing

I used to buy clothing that I didn't need because it would be on clearance or on mega sale. Think Sears when they were closing. I now know that just because I can buy the sale sweater, doesn't mean I need to because chances are, I will end up donating it within six-months. I also spent a lot of money on fancy labels and it truly never mattered.

5) Makeup

I will forever regret spending a lot of money on makeup that I rarely wear now. I haven't bought a new eyeshadow palette because I can't go through them.

6) Listening to influencers

I wanted what they had and sometimes it would lead me to buy things I didn't really need. I am in charge of what I want to buy, not someone telling me I should buy something.

Look, sometimes we think we need to be someone who doesn't fit us. It would be fun if this person fit us, but realistically, spending a lot of money on someone who isn't your authentic self isn't worth it.

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