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Why I Write

Disclaimer: I wrote this piece prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and prior to the Human Rights pandemic involving systemic racism and police brutality. Having studied segregation and always considering myself someone educated on black and indigenous issues in racism, I thought I was doing everything I could do. I've since learnt that as someone with a platform, I wasn't doing everything I could to be an ally with the BIPOC community. I've been using my voice to further educate and learn about racism within BIPOC communities. I fully know that I am a privileged person who should have been speaking up sooner and louder. I am learning, I am listening, and I want this space to be safe for BIPOC. I strive to be an inclusive person of every race and gender. I may not be perfect and if something has bothered you, please contact me.


About three years ago, I wrote a piece that I thought everyone would love, turns out it hurt someone who was dear to me. It sparked a three month hiatus and I didn't know if I would continue writing or if I would just quietly go into the night.

I started SamanthaRoad as a means to heal, I didn't know it at the time, but I had a lot of unresolved feelings. Five years ago, I was cheated on (I never really talked about it on here) and that unearthed some old memories my brain had mentally put away. I needed a distraction and blogging seemed to be the best way to get through. To understand how stressed I was, I was loosing my hair and the blog was one of the only positive ways to express myself. It was also a great way to practice writing.

My first blog post was actually in May 2014 when I wrote about hand moisturizer. I thought reviewing products would be my in, into the beauty community. Yes, I thought I could get famous from writing about beauty products. I had no idea the amount of work beauty guru's actually put in day-to-day to be where they are.

I re-opened SamanthaRoad to explain why I wanted to start my blog again. Here's a section of that post.

" I am a vibrant 21 year old and I have the world at my feet. I think its time for me to start running and experience what the world has to offer me. Life works in mysterious ways, and I think if I try hard enough I can figure out some of those mysteries."

I think back at this time and I had no idea how resilient I actually was.

I started writing as a way to heal, but eventually created a small group of loyal readers. My words impacted them and they found comfort in my stories. I have spent years trying to bring optimism to my blog posts because I truly believe that life is good and we must find ways to be kind to one-another. Now I write because I am still always healing, that never ends, there's always something that will affect me, that's normal, it's part of life.

I share my life, not expecting anyone to read, but sometimes you do. I've never accepted any money for my views and I don't want to. I just like sharing things I've learnt and if I've had any influence on your life for good, that makes me happy.

My life is completely different now. I've dealt with the old memories, the being cheated on, and my stress levels. I am so much more mindful of everything and I am mindful of the energy I allow in my life. I also learnt how to cook, start a garden, and design my house... yes, I am fulfilling my dreams of being Martha Stewart.

It's been five years of blog posts and I am so glad I still write. I am a writer.

Thanks for reading, all my love,



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