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Things I Bought for Europe

I didn't mean to buy a bunch of stuff for Europe, but I bought a lot of new stuff for Europe. I would talk more about this, but I felt I needed all these things. I also knew I would use all these things again, so it's not like it was just for fun. I also started collecting things in January.

Why am I explaining this, I'm an adult, I have to explain nothing, so here's all the stuff I bought for Europe:


- MEC Timeless Pants in Mushroom for the flights. They are super comfortable and light weight. I don't like leggings because they get gross and these are supposed to be for long lengths of travel.

- MEC All Day Active Tank in Blush. I just needed a few more tops.

- A lot of shorts. I've never owned so many shorts I actually want to wear, but since it's going to be warm, I though shorts with tops I can mix and match with would be my best option.

- A new hat from J.Crew. It was on clearance and it's supposed to be packable. I don't trust that, but it's cute and will keep my head safe.


- Wet Ones with aloe vera. They were in the travel section at Walmart, best to use when you won't have access to a shower for a while.

- Step One Hand Sanitizer Wipes. No explanation needed.

- Sheet masks. Because I need to maintain my skin routine even on vacation or my face is shot.

- Mineral sunscreen in a flight friendly bottle. I don't want to check a bag, so I got sunscreen made for carry-on bags.

- Lush Solid Conditioner in Daddy-O. I wanted to bring as few liquids as possible. This needs a lot of working, but you don't wash your hair everyday.

- Lush Solid Shampoo Bar in Jumping Juniper. Again, little to no liquids. I really like this one, it's really good.

- Lush Tea Totaler. It's a solid cleansing bar that turns into an oil and I really like it to get the first layer of the day off.

- It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser. I wanted a gentle cleanser for sensitive sink and I couldn't get the Kiehl's one in a travel bootle, so I got this one. It seems it will clean my face which is all I want.

- Tide Travel Sink Packets. I didn't know when I would be washing my clothes and I can't pack 20 pairs of underwear.

- Pepto Bismol. Because Nausea, Heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and diarrhea. You never know everyone.

- Blister Band-Aids. I am brining regular band aids, but sometimes you just need something more and my feet tend to blister.

- Walmart Gravol. Sometimes I get motion sickness.

Everything else

- Travel Adapter. I need to charge things.

- Compression Socks. Blood clot prevention is key.

- Neck Wallet. I kind of realized the backpack may not be enough. I may not even use that backpack, so it's probably something I shouldn't have bought.

- Anti-Theft Backpack. It's a little thinner than I want, but for coats and water bottles it will work.

Thanks for reading,



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