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The Best Gentle Facial Cleanser

It's been years since I've reviewed anything, I just haven't found anything to review. I realized that to truly review something, I would need to test it for a while and not just a few times before deciding I like something. For the better part of the last year, I have been testing out gentle facial cleansers because I couldn't really fathom paying $50 + for a full bottle of facial cleanser that was good, but I thought, there has to be more out there.

I love Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser, but did some research on good dupes and there were a few options like Glossier's Milk Jelly Cleanser and Yesto Cucumbers Soothing Gentle Milk Cleanser. I bought both, but I also looked into Kiehl's Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser and It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser. Basically, I need a gentle cleanser for my face and anything not marketed as "for sensitive skin", I can no longer use.

All five are good cleansers, but there are definitely some that I liked more than others.


Yesto Cucumbers is only available in the United States and is the cheapest option at around $13 Canadian. It's really nice and worked well, but left me feeling like not all the gunk was taken away. I felt like there was a film on my face, but it could be the moisturizing properties. It's a thin line they kind of crossed when adding that element in.

Confidence in a Cleanser is $37 for a full size. It was nice, but a little rough on my skin. It was harsher than all the others, so good for a heavy makeup day. I really like it to wash days where I have a lot of sunscreen on or went hiking.

I really liked Glossiers Milk Jelly Cleanser, but would have to pay for shipping every time I ordered it. It wasn't convenient like others were. It's $22 and other than it being inconvenient to order, it was a really nice product. It also left my face feeling moisturized, but less moisturized than the Yesto one above, but still a bit too moisturized. I hope that makes sense.

The Kiehl's cleanser is $30 for a full size bottle and is my favourite out of all the cleansers I tried. It's gentle, smells nice, and my face feels clean after using it, without feeling stripped or dry. I re-purchased this one and will again because it's more cost effective.

The Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is amazing and I will always like it. It's kind of got an egg white consistency, but smells really nice. It's $52 for the biggest bottle and yes, that does last long, but it's a little too expensive for me. I leaves the face feeling clean, not stripped and not over moisturized.


Have you tired any of these cleanser? I hope you enjoyed my retro blog post, haven't reviewed in a while.

Thanks for reading, all my love,



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