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Supporting Local In Fredericton, Part Two: Retail and Restaurants

Naturally, retail stores are not physically open, but that doesn't mean most of Fredericton isn't open for business. Downtown Fredericton is a great resources when checking for limited openings, so is the Business Fredericton North.

I am not going to make a long list like part 1, but I will say that before you shop online for something, maybe check if you can't get something at a local vendor. Some of my favourite places are still open and not to be selfish, but I would love to see them stay open.

Here is Downtown Fredericton's information:

Here is Business Fredericton North's information:

Here's a list of businesses I love not on the lists: - Loop Scrunchies

- Modern Komfort

- NB Box (a great place to get local items throughout NB)

- Scott's Nursery is providing no contact pickup and you can shop online

- Sankara has meal boxes you can order from and they look amazing

I know the concept of shopping is terrifying to some, leaving your house can be scary. Here are my suggestions on how to get around the fear:

1) See if they are willing to do no-contact delivery

2) Only go out once a week and pickup everything you need (you have time to make a schedule)

3) Send one person to pick up what you need

4) Lysol the packages when you get them, you can even put them away until the germs are dead

5) When picking up from restaurants, ask them to place the food in the trunk or the back seat.

There's so many resources online for proper sanitary measures. The best one is not touching your face and WASHING YOUR HANDS.

Thus far, I have supported local by signing up for a fitness challenge through the Sweat Club, I bought an NB Box (excited for hot sauce), and I have helped local restaurants/bakeries. I plan on doing more and curving my Amazon addiction. Haven't needed a lot, but when I do, Fredericton has everything I need. I'll keep you updated on my Instagram stories.

All my love,



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