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Starbucks Sangria

I recently discovered the "Very Berry Hibiscus" from Starbucks. It's life changing. Me and my sister were thinking about it and we thought it would be a great as an alcoholic drink. Then it evolved into a sangria. We knew we would need many elements to the sangria so we bought a very large pitcher at Walmart for $2.50. The key to a sangria is wine, liquor, carbonated water, juice and fruit. The very berry hibiscus is caffeinated, so I'm not saying drink this every time, but I can honestly say this kept me up until 1:30am and that never happens.

I know the carbonated water seems weird, but trust me. Also the lemon and the water help with hangovers! At two 8-ounce glasses a person, it could probably serve 8 people.

Here is what you need: - 2 Treinta Very Berry Hibicuses with no water and little ice (their largest size)

- 1 bottle of white wine

- 1 cup of white rum

- 1 1L bottle of orange carbonated water

- 2 lemons sliced

- 12 ice cubes

How to make it:

- In a large pitcher, pour everything into the pitcher and mix well. Then add the lemon slices and 12 ice cubes.

It's a fun summer drink and it will keep you up!

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