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SamanthaRoad's Fifth Birthday: A celebration

Well, we made it to five years, what a milestone. I have been through a lot in the last five years and you know that because SamanthaRoad is an online journal into my life. I share almost everything and later in the month I will get into why I write and you will even get a retro blog post, but for now, I wanted to share some of my favourite blog posts from five years.

SamanthaRoad started as a review blog on Wordpress. It was the kind of blog that you scroll, no categories or even an archives page. The first few posts include me talking about books, lipstick and nail polish. Something I still talk about every spring is sun care.

Here is the first sun care post I did:

Here is the second recipe I posted, but the first recipe I learnt to make on my own:

It's funny as I re-read these posts, I am amazed at my matureness as a 21-year old. The Moment's I missed? Being a Twentysomething was the first installation of Adventures of a Twentysomething.

After a year on Wordpress, I moved my blog to an actual website using Wix. I created categories and I was a senior in University. I found humour in my final year of University and used that to create a lot of funny posts.

2016 was a weird year for me. I graduated university, was a casual in my job, then I was unemployed, but through that I created fitness journey blog posts like doing the 21 Day Fix and creating my first ever Blogmas (never to be re-done as it's so much work)

In 2017, I officially started my first job as an assistant to a wonderful team. I moved out, and I went to Hawaii. Which started RoadTravels and now there's a whole travel section (my fav).

I think of my favourite things of 2017 and 2018 was designing my house and outdoor space.

In 2018, I saw Taylor Swift again and it was amazing!

Which created the Entertainment section.

I have constantly shared recipes and I cannot pick a favourite, so here is the section.

I think it's evident that my most populated section is Life. It encompasses so many aspects of my life, good and bad. It's the section that healed me the most. Wether it was talking about friendships or the environment, you were there.

You have been there for a lot. I really appreciate those who have taken the time to read and tell me you read. I still can't believe it's been five years. I 100% blinked and here I am. I am grateful for this blog and all my stories. I will continue to write because I am a writer, it's who I am.

Thank for for reading, all my love,



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