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Road Travels: PEI 2019

Visiting Prince Edward Island is a treat even in the rain. I love being a tourist and I love everything this sleepy island has to offer. From island time and always being close to the ocean, PEI is a dream.

I got to PEI at around five and totally forgot I would be doing a blog post on this so I have little to no pictures from Friday night. It wasn't raining so it was great to walk around the downtown. We had supper at The Pilot House, where I got a lobster roll and it was really good. Then we went for a drink at Marc's Lounge which was so frigen quaint I hate that I didn't get pictures.

On Saturday we headed north towards Cavendish and ventured to Avonlea Village where it's never too early for Cows Ice Cream, highly recommend the Peach Melva. Then I got an iced coffee at Samuel's and it was delish. There were so many cute artisan shops and I regret not getting some art.

Then we headed towards the Gulf Shore where we stopped at Richards for a lobster roll. I've never see a lobster roll with that much lobster in it, but I understand the line up it was amazing. It started to rain after I got a picture with the light house across the street (score).

Since it was raining, we decided to go for a brewery tour at PEI Brewing Company, which was short and sweet, but you got a decent amount of beer. After the brewery tour, we stopped for a cider at Red Island Cider which opened five weeks prior. It is some yummy cider.

For supper, we went to Merchant Man and I had the Pan-fried Haddock with cherry tomato chutney. If I could get it shipped to me, I would. After supper, we called it a night.

The next morning, we went for breakfast, said our goodbyes and I went for a little hike back in New Brunswick at Cape Jourimaine. It was a short walk, but really pretty. I hope people go to visit, they lost their funding and it's such a great part of New Brunswick.

I finished the weekend, with a surprise trip to Tracadie NB to visit some family.

I love visiting PEI because it smells so good and offers so many activities for a long vacation or a short one.

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