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Road Travels: Italy Part 1

Oh Italy. I was so excited to visit Italy. I have loved Italy since I saw When in Rome from Mary-Kate and Ashley and the Lizzie McGuire Movie. I spent months imagining what Italy would be like and it totally surpassed my expectations. Let's start the journey!

Aug 7:

On August 7, we spent the day traveling. It was supposed to be a easy train ride to Genoa and it turned to a 12 hour journey. We were headed to Florence and someone passed away on the tracks on the train before ours, which meant we were stuck at a train stop for a long time. This caused us to miss our train to Pisa with a change to Florence. We got our tickets change in Genoa and they gave us the wrong tickets. Luckily, we didn't get told to get off the train at Pisa.

We made it to Florence, sweaty, hungry, and lost. We walked in the wrong direction for 10 minutes before turning around.

I forgot to mention, the sim card I got basically didn't work and it was a complete waste of money. You live and you learn.

We turned around and went back to the train station and found a tourism information place. Thank god for that super cranky woman. We finally found out hotel in this super posh neighbourhood. I just want to point out that I had not planned on getting a nice hotel, it just was close-ish to the train station and everything else.

We stayed at Hotel Davanzati, it was really nice. It was exactly what we needed after 12 hours of train travel... I had never seen a real hippy before, but I am okay shaving my legs.

This hotel had the nicest man running the desk and it was right next to the bridge I wanted a picture by.

Then our first meal was Prosecco and the most delicious pesto cheese ravioli. I have no idea how to make pesto that good.

Aug 8:

The next morning we met with our parents and we headed on our adventure to Tuscany. We stayed in the B&B in San Gimignano and the house owners where amazing! The house was this little piece of paradise.

During our time in Tuscany, we visited Lucca, Pisa, Volterra, San Gimignano, Siena, Monteriggioni, and back to Florence. We rented a car and we were able to visit so many fortified places. The pictures aren't in perfect order.


Lucca is home to pinocchio.


San Gimignano

Aug 9:

We did laundry this morning and I was totally prepared to not do laundry for two weeks, but it was the best feeling having clean underwear.

On our way to Volterra, we stopped to visit a winery and it was idyllic.

We had the best pizza in Volterra.

This is Mel and I in Volterra. That night, we went to San Gimignano to explore the city.

Aug 10: Siena and Monteriggioni


Lemon Cannoli in Siena

We stopped in

We stopped in Monteriggioni and had the nicest restaurant with the best truffle pasta. It looked like a shack restaurant, but it was amazing.

Aug 11: Florence and travel to Sorrento

Then after we visited Tuscany, we headed back to Florence to visit the city because we had so little time the first night.

On Aug 11, we travelled to Sorrento and that's where I leave you. Look out for part 3 next week.

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