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Road Reveals: Tattoo Removal

I know what you are thinking "You had a tattoo?", yes, I did! I kept it to myself because the tattoo really was for me and once I got it, I didn't think it was my best decision. I got the tattoo when I was 22 and I was partially trying to impress friends, but also I kind of wanted it. None of me wants another one, which is partially why I am getting it removed.

I mostly got it removed because when I got it, I was kind of angry at the world and I wanted the positive message to follow me. It's not that I don't love the words that were on my body, but I just didn't love that I got it when I wasn't 100% happy with myself.

The last reason I got it removed was because I was hiding it and I was really tired of doing that. I also kind of just wanted my ankle back.

Before I explain how it works, let me just say that it does get a little scabby looking, so beware that some pictures will look a little bloody, so if you are afraid of blood beware.

I got my tattoo removed by Angela at Disappearing Ink in the White Lotus Tattoo Parlour. She was great! I paid $142 tax included for one session. Each session for my tattoo lasts about 30 seconds. Basically it's a lazer that loosens the pigment of the tattoo and over the two months after the procedure the ink slowly fades off into the blood stream and your body gets rid of it.

Yes, it hurts, it's like getting the tattoo all over again, but it only lasts 30 seconds so it's not that bad. Getting the black removed hurt way more than the blue. The blue lazer is different and less intense.

Here is the original tattoo:

Here it is after a few hours of the first session:

Here it is after a few weeks:

Here it is before the second session in February:

Here it is after the second session, a few weeks after, I got a first session for the blue, it didn't leave a scar, I don't have a picture:

Here is the tattoo now:

So I started in November 2018, had a session In February and March, the last picture was taken in July 2019. I am pleased with the progress. I am now debating to get it covered, or try another session of blue removal.

Regardless, this is the process of Tattoo removal from Disappearing Ink. Angela is so nice very knowledgable. If you have a tattoo that you don't love, I would totally recommend getting it removed by Disappearing Ink.

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