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New Year, New Goals

I was not going to do this post, but I say that every year. I want to share my goals because the goals may be similar, but in the end the intention for them has changed. I also like to add in totally new stuff to keep it fresh.

I love setting goals for the new year, it makes the winter more fun. Here they are:

Keep white shirts white

First, I need to buy new white shirts because my old ones are one wash away from the trash.

Make a good curry

Every time I make curry, it's bland. I make a bomb butter chicken though.

Try a new activity once a week

Has anyone else realized there's a bunch of drop in classes around Fredericton? I am going to try to go to one new class at a different spot every week.

Accept compliments

A co-worker complimented me the other day and I said thank you, but followed with "they are so old". I am breaking this horrible habit of not accepting my awesomeness.

Take a class in the winter

Different from above, I love taking classes to learn something new in the winter because it gets me out of the house. Going to find something fun.

Visit with family

We already have a cross Canada family trip planned.

Be less of a slob kabob

I like to pretend I am not a mess, but I fall all the time, I drop stuff all the time, and I can be pretty messy. I'm going to try to be more mindful.

Use one cup

I am notorious for getting a cup of water and never using it again. I'm going to try to reuse my cup and not go for a fresh one.

Become more decisive

I love to go back and forth on things.

Spend more time in nature

I hiked for the first time last summer and I want to do more.


I put this down every year and every year, I don't, but I do invest more time in me. If it happens it happens, not stressing over this one.

Lose the weight

Look, I realized in November that my mid section wasn't giving me the life I want. IE, I feel unhealthy, the extra weight is causing me concern and it's time to do something about it. This doesn't make me less body positive or make me someone who shames. I just know that it's important to fully take care of myself and my body.

Fix my tattoo

I have a half removed tattoo that I'm not sure if I should keep or completely get rid of.

Organize drawers

I organized all my drawers last January and loved it. Time to bring back organization to my life.

What are your goals for the new year?

Thanks for reading,



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