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  • Samantha Dawn

New Practices for 2021

I have been very hesitant to share the word resolution, mostly because the stigma this year around resolutions is higher than usual. After the year we have had, I understand that not everyone is jumping to set goals when they could all change. I however, love setting goals and resolutions, even if they change. For me it’s not about accomplishing everything in January or not accomplishing them and feeling horrible. It’s about growth and trying/continuing things that make me happy. Last week, I saw a post from a friend and it said we should call them practices because truly that is what they are. I am feeling this language and would love to share new practices I am bringing into 2021.

Although I would typically do a post about my 2020 resolutions, I can tell you right now, most of my goals didn’t get done and to be honest I don’t want to really re-do them. I made a delicious curry, I lost some weight, and I didn’t keep my white shirts that much more white.

I am very aware that 2021 won’t look a lot more different than 2020, but I am ready to move on with my life as safely as I can. Navigating change and setting goals is important, it enables us to grow and it teaches us different lessons. You cannot learn without knowing there will be change and shifts in the way you wanted to achieve your goal.

We can still learn in 2021 even when the constant news cycle is depressing, even if we are told to stay home, even if we already feel we have learnt enough this year to last a lifetime. There’s a pandemic, but at 27, I need to grow and seeing that we’ve been living in the pandemic for so long, I feel we can navigate it a little better than we could in March.


I’ve decided to keep my goal list to actions that I can control regardless of a pandemic. I have included travel, but fully knowing it might not happen and anticipating it to only be within the Atlantic bubble if it opens again, which I sincerely hope it does.

1) Continue losing weight

I’ve successfully lost and maintained 20 pounds and that was a feat. Nobody really tells you how much mental energy it takes. I am very happy with the weight lost, but I realized near the beginning it would take more than 4-6 months to lose weight.

2) Read seven books

As someone who read her entire childhood, only reading three books this year was boring. They were great books, but everything else I tried to read was bad. I just want to read a little more than I did in 2020, so I am aiming for 7 books, which for some is low, but knowing my addiction to tv, it seems attainable.

3) Continue being less busy

I want to be productive, but I am very well aware that there is a line between being productive and being so busy I cannot handle my life. I really re-focused my energy in 2020 and am quite happy continuing to set boundaries and preserve my energy for me and projects that fill my cup.

4) Be less discouraging

I have always had the reaction ”I don’t want to do that” if I didn’t come up with the idea myself. Not a great mindset and it’s not all the time, but I am going to try and be more open to doing things I may not be comfortable with when I first hear about it.

5) Do more random acts of kindness

I used to do this all the time. I used to surprise people with flowers or coffee and I stopped when the pandemic started. I love surprising people and recently, I have been surprising people with coffee from Mill Town (Keeping it local). I am going to continue this and continue not sharing it on social media, otherwise you don‘t get the karma.

6) Thrift more

I am always donating items to Value Village, but the idea of actually thrifting items myself is very interesting. I tried it a bit this year and it was fun.

7) Not join any dating apps

I don’t know if you’ve ever been on Tinder, but it‘s soul crushing and I am over it. I am over men wasting my time and have been for a while. I am the sun, so I’m going to try this old school, which means making eye contact.

8) Travel outside of New Brunswick

I am leaving this vague because I want to travel outside of NB again. I love NB, I still don’t understand why people call it “no funswick”, but I would like to venture outside of my province again safely.

9) Join a board or volunteer more

I had no idea how badly I actually needed human interaction until September when I was all alone in my house all day long. I joined a Learn to Curl class and although I know I am bad at sports, it was still fun to interact with people. I have no idea what kind of board I could join or where to volunteer, but as long as it’s safe, I don’t see a problem with this.

10) Spend less time on social media

Gasp, I know, but since I work in communications, I am exposed to a lot of social media and I love my job, but the problem lies when I get off work and open my phone to scroll. I am always astonished with the garbage people share on social media because they think it’s important and I cannot say that it doesn’t effect me. I don‘t care about that meme that you shared or the scary news story you are sharing. I can read the news online and I can learn to share less.

11) Buy less stuff

I spent 2020 online shopping and after looking at my credit card statements, I had a lot of fun, but I don’t really need this much stuff. I want to be much more intentional with what I buy and need.


I truly love setting new practices and goals, I hope we all find a little more optimism in 2021.

All my love,



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