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New Hope and a Gratitude List

January is over and with February tomorrow, I felt that first twinge of spring. It’s still the winter, but right before the snow melts and it’s officially spring, the world always seems a little less heavy. To be fair, we haven’t really seen winter this year, it’s be a mild January, but I felt it. I felt the hope of a new season. For me, there are two springs. Spring two is what we all know, the snow melts and we prep our gardens, but spring one is February and March. Which is winter, but the days are longer and sometimes you can get some mild weather. It’s perfect ski weather, it’s perfect weekend away weather, and it’s the best time to not let the “winter blues” get you.

A year ago, I was planning for my work trip to Ottawa and my ski/spa trip to Stoneham (highly recommend btw). This year, I am hoping I find the heart-shaped ravioli at Costco and local spa time. I might even go back to the gym. With so much change, part of the province in Red and Lockdown, it’s hard to find gratitude, but I thought I would share what I am grateful for in this new season.


1) Longer days

I never noticed longer days, but the sunset was 5:30pm last night. Doesn’t seem that late, but it’s a nice feeling.

2) Clothing companies are starting to come out with Easter clothing

Easter clothing is light and colourful, it reminds us that spring flowers are on the way.

3) It’s almost maple season

Last year was a wash, but I still drove 40 minutes to pick up a litre of maple syrup. Even if I can’t get maple taffy, I will still be buying at least 2 litres of fresh maple syrup. It’s the best.

4) Spring skiing is on the horizon

I need another two good snowstorms and then I am hitting the slopes. I have never been a huge skier, but I’ve really embraced the outdoors. I am an outdoors person now.

5) More nature walks

I spent all January going on Sunday walks and I am equally surprised of how much I like the outdoors.

6) Home workouts

I really appreciate I have a fitness regime that allows me to workout from home or the gym. I put my membership on hold until the end of February, but plan on going back.

7) New couches

It’s really nice having new couches

8) A new puppy

Chip is this cute little ball of fur and is either sleeping or totally awake. He’s cute though.

9) The nail salon down in my neighbourhood

What a joy to get your nails done. The place around the corner does such a good job.

10) New adventures

Who knows what is coming my way, but recently I found out I scored high on adventure for an assessment and I always thought it meant travel adventures. Turns out it just means wanting to try new things. Can’t wait to see what is coming.


Finding gratitude in February can be really hard. It’s also not been an easy month because we collectively failed at Christmas to keep COVID at bay. I feel the hope that this new season brings and hope you also see it.

All my love,



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