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New Brunswick Travel Bucket List

I asked my Facebook friends where I should stay-cation this summer and they delivered in spades! What they suggested is where I love visiting, so it was a fun list to compile. I also added my own spin on this list because I didn't get quite enough suggestions to fill my summer.

If you are wondering, the pictures are from 2017, the last summer I went all out visiting NB and had the best summer ever. Since we cannot leave the province and must stay-cation, I suppose I will spend my summer here. I'm actually excited that I get to explore NB, it's the most peaceful place I know and now that I have a full time job and my own car, I can really adventure! Also, my summer vacation across Canada is canceled, so I have vacation time to use.

Just to reiterate, I realize I can only do some of these things now, but if restrictions are lifted a little more, it will probably be all do-able.


1) Stay in a camping dome

This is one of those harder ones on the list because I want to stay at Cielo Glamping or Ridgeback lodge, but because I am not sure how they are booking or handling cancellations, I will have to play to their schedules. Going to look into this one some more.

2) Visit Bay of Fundy

I plan on visiting as many places along the Bay of Fundy because to me, that is home. I will be more specific about the places below. We want to drive the parkway

3) Visit the Péninsule Acadienne

I grew up visiting the Péninsule every summer so it's a no brainer. I also have a grandpa who lives there, so if he wants a visit from me and Mel this summer, then it's easy. If we have to pitch a tent, we will.

4) Visit Grand Manan

Apparently, my parents have brought me here before, but I don't remember and have been craving this trip for almost a year. I want to go for the day or maybe the night if need be. I want to go hiking and see the cliffs.

5) Kingston Peninsula and finish the day in Rothesay with dinner at the Shadow Lawn Inn

This one was super specific, but I was down because again, I grew up in Rothesay/Quispamsis and visiting the Kingston Peninsula is like going home. I've heard of the Shadown Lawn Inn, but have no idea how supper would work there, but always willing to try! I also have friends in the area, so I hope by then we can pitch a tent in their yards. Or stay at their house.

6) Go to St.Martins

There is not a cuter village than St.Martins. Known for it's caves, the little village is beautiful and peaceful. It's the best day trip ever!

7) Hike Mount Carlton

I only started hiking last summer, so I am excited for this! I want to do it!

8) Hike the Welsford Hike and Split Rock Hike

I haven't hiked Welsford, but have done Split Rock and it's beautiful. I want to do both in one day!

9) Visit Saint Andrews by the Sea and go to New River Beach

This is something I do every summer, but adding it to the list, so it happens. It's the best day trip from Fredericton!

10) Visit La Dune de Bouctouche and Parlee Beach

I've seen pictures and remember going a long time ago, but it seems like a fun activity and long day trip, but totally fun!

11) Visit Kings Landing and le Village Historique Acadien

There also happens to be an Alpaca farm near by that I want to visit.

12) Visit Saint John

One of my favourite places in the world, it's an easy day trip and super fun!

13) Visit Kouchibouguac National Park

It might be closed, but seeing that restrictions for camping are being lifted, it might happen. Won't hold our breath, but it's a potential activity.

14) Visit Cape Enrage

I've never been, but have heard wonderful things.

Did I miss anything? Let me know if I did!

All my love,



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