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My Third Gratitude List in Self-Isolation

Well, on Saturday, I'm supposed to have a hair appointment, but that will be canceled. Since I really wanted to go to my appointment, I thought I'd write a gratitude list because why not read all my thoughts as entertainment.

1) I am really glad I am not stuck on a cruise ship

I keep seeing Tiktoks of people stuck on cruise ships and it just sucks, no matter how many fun videos they make.

2) I am really happy Dairy Queen is opening

I just want to try the new cotton candy dipped cone.

3) I am really grateful I have amazing work teams

I am on two work teams right now due to COVID and at the beginning I was on three teams. I am really thankful for all of them!

4) I am thankful for all the love the blog is getting

After five years and a few dedicated readers (you know who you are) I have reached almost 1000 post views in the last three months. It's insane, I started this blog for myself to practice writing and express my emotions in a positive way.

5) I am really grateful for gardening

Nothing takes your mind off life when you're planning a garden. I have also really enjoyed the physical exercise that comes along with gardening.

6) I am grateful for friends who have reached out and those who haven't

Y'all it's a pandemic, we're just trying to get through this. Love to you all.

7) Thankful for the lobster

Look mothers day is coming and my mom gets lobster and if the price is right, I get lobster and life if better with lobster. Even if the price isn't right, I'll still buy it.

8) Thankful for my family

My family is everything to me. I am happy to bubble with my parents and so thankful my sister is my roommate.

9) Excited to be maybe allowed to staycation in NB

Look, anyone who says NB is boring doesn't know what they are missing out on, there's so much to do in NB, you just have to know where to look and enjoy the ocean. NB'ers live up your NB status this summer and go explore.

10) Excited for masks by Mel

Shameless plug, Mel has made us masks that don't suck and aren't scary to wear. Probably part of our new normal, masks are going to be necessary, so I am happy I have some that don't cause me to feel claustrophobic.

11) Thankful for shopping local

You need to shop local, there's not an other option. I mean, you have tons of options, but morally you should be shopping local.

12) Grateful for the hide button on Facebook

I really love being able to control what I see, so when someone is being negative or is complaining too much, I hide their content! I have no room for that right now.

All my love,



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