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My Second Self-Isolation Gratitude List

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

– Melody Beattie

It's been an incredible set of heavy days. Self-isolation, Easter without family, and then a mass shooting in Nova Scotia; life has been crushing to the soul.

I wanted to share a gratitude list as a distraction to life, but also as a means to remind ourselves that there are still things to be grateful for even when it feels like there isn't. Life is so precious and short it's important to be grateful.


1) I am grateful for my family

Even though I can only see my family from the driveway, I still really grateful for my family who is always there for me.

2) Warmer days

I am grateful I got to start my garden project last weekend.

3) Prosecco

I like to celebrate the end of the week and it's more fun with prosecco.

4) My sister

I have many projects, I am grateful she helps me with them.

5) Disco and specifically, music that has been featured in sport movies

It's fun to dance to and also motivational.

6) My collaborative work teams

I cannot get over how collaborative my work teams have been even working from home. I love working with them.

7) Brené Brown

This lady is so insightful.

8) My health and safety

Thankful I have my health and even though I dislike night walkers, I know I am safe.

9) Local shopping

I have been having so much fun shopping around Fredericton. It's the distraction I wanted and needed.


All my love,



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