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My First Self-Isolation Gratitude List

I am extremely annoyed reading the news, being on Facebook, and seeing how people shop at the grocery stores. I have stopped reading the news as much as I can, I can't remove Facebook because I am doing a fitness challenge (but I have hidden a lot of content), and I have decided to start telling people to space out at the grocery store if they get too close to me or aren't following the arrows.

That being said, every day I mentally remind myself of all the things I am grateful for; I realize my problems are very small and I am very privileged. I think it would be funny and entertaining to share my gratitude lists every now and then. Maybe it will make you laugh or remind you of what you are grateful for.

1) I am grateful for the people who use the words quarantine and self-isolation correctly.

Quarantine means you don't leave your house. Generally you quarantine if you think you are sick, are sick, or have been around a sick person.

Self- Isolation means you do leave your house, but for essential items only. You hope you haven't been in contact with a sick person, and take all precautions to keep away from others when shopping.

2) I am grateful for my health and that thus far, I am healthy and safe.

3) I am grateful for Mrs. Dunsters Crunch Nugget. It's not crunchy, but it is covered in toasted coconut.

4) I am grateful for my co-workers who share funny memes and keep me laughing.

5) I am grateful for my parents who still make me food.

6) I am grateful for my community who, thus far, have made efforts to keep food banks open and kids fed.

7) I am grateful for perfume because I like to smell like flowers.

8) I am grateful to be in self-isolation with my sister who always makes me laugh.

9) I am grateful for friends who have reached out to say hi.

10) Finally, I am grateful that I am slowly creating a routine for myself.

All my love,



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