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My Favourite Patios in Fredericton

Part of Fredericton's charm is the endless array of patios in the summer. Picking the right patio is a hard as picking the right pair of shoes for an outfit. With patio season among us, I thought it would be really fun to sit on some patios and find the ones that just have something extra.

I have five patios that happen to be my favourites and I think my choices will surprise you a little. Instead of rating them 1-5, I have five categories: The Underdog, The Classic, The Newbie, The Hotel and The Brewery.

It was hard rating my choices, but these places really offer everything you want in a patio.


The Underdog: RustiCo.

RustiCo. is located on the corner of King and Westmorland, it's in the downtown core and the patio let's you see everything going on Downtown.

I didn't expect this one to be good because last year I went and the menu was so hard to read, and I didn't know what I was ordering. I was skeptical, but I wanted to test it out because the patio is well known in Fredericton. Not only was the food 100% better, but the atmosphere was relaxed and the staff paid attention to their clients. Thank goodness it's not Mexi's anymore!

Our severs name was Handen and she was a seasoned pro. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and she checked up on us. My plate was kind of taken away quickly, but that's okay, it happens and apparently we were her third table ever!

We started off with the Cauliflower Pakora. It was amazing, tart from the pomegranate, flavorful from the cilantro, toum and berber sauce, and the texture was so good with the rice and deep fried sections on the cauliflower. It was small, but a good little app. It also came out so quickly.

My sister got the Margherita pizza and I got a piece. The tomato sauce was flavourful and a little sweet. The crust was extra thin and crispy and there was enough cheese. It was a good choice.

I got the Brisket Donair pizza and it was devine! It was made with beef brisket, homemade donair sauce and the pickled onions just added the right amount of acidity, spice, and sweetness.

I was also told that the curry would be a great choice and on the menu in June. RustiCo. is a great choice for an easy meal with flavour and a beautiful setting.


The Classic: The Lunar Rogue Pub

The Lunar Rogue Pub is that classic patio for a good time. It's turning 30 years old this year and it truly is what defined patios in Fredericton.

Located on King Street across the road from the Tim Hortons. The Rogue as it is called by locals is filled with the kindest wait staff and is always full. The food is good, but I would describe it as classic pub food. got the fajita salad and it was tasty, but lacking lettuce and what was there is warm. I've seen others though and it looked better than mine.

At this point I was disappointed with the Rogue. That being said, I knew that the Rogue has way more to offer because I have been on really nice days. So we went back and this time I got the chicken nachos, which were really good!

I love the rogue for the fun environment and the easiness of it all. Drinks are good, atmosphere is good, and if you pick the right food item, the food is good.

Go to the Rogue for after work drinks that turn into evening drinks or for lunch.


The Brewery: The Picaroons Roundhouse

I love this patio and I think you will too for it's views. Just across from the walking bridge and next to Carlton Park The Picaroons Roundhouse is an old garage turned brewery with a great patio atmosphere.

It's a short walk or bike ride from Downtown Fredericton, but totally worth the travel for it's tasty menu and river views. Their restaurant has changed a lot, but what they have now is excellent and it's the perfect mix of classic pub food with a twist. It's a cafeteria style where you order and pick up when it is ready, so it's a super relaxed environment. It has all the classic elements of the Maritime heart, like offering washer toss on the grass.

I went with a friend and my sister. My sister got the Southwest salad; it was really large and looked beautiful. It was a simple bed of greens, but covered in green onions, bell peppers, and it had the best chipotle ranch dressing.

My friend got the Stuffed Potato Skins with the bruschetta topping. It looked so good and came with a side salad, so a really nice healthy option.

I got the fish and chips and I've never had fish that was so lightly deep fried, it had all the crispness that you want from fish and chips, but I didn't leave feeling gross. It came with homemade creamy coleslaw, fries, and homemade tartar sauce.

I like Picaroons for all the spaces they provide and their chill atmosphere. The staff was nice and the food is great, but the real reason to go is the view of the river. It's really relaxing. Also, the Queen Street Creamery is often located there in the summer, so you can also get a sweet treat before you leave.


The Hotel: The Southside Shake

In all fairness, the next two patios could easily fit in both categories, but I had to put them somewhere. The Southside Shake is located at the Hilton Garden Inn on Queen Street. It is the only gin bar in NB and we sat on the terrace where we enjoyed the terrace menu.

There were a lot of menu options because the terrace menu is out only for the summer. It was a cooler evening and so our waitress Brooke set the fire table up for us (she was great). I really enjoyed the selection on the terrace menu and we ordered five items to share. We had: Beetroot Vegetable Fries, Smoked Cheddar & Onion Croquettes, Truffle Potato Chips, Cheddar Hushpuppies, and Smoke Pimento Cheese Dip.

For drinks, there is a lot of selection, I had the Apple and Peach Julip. It was so refreshing.

The Southside Shake is this quiet patio and although new, it makes a great addition to our downtown core. I loved the Pimento drip and drink and overall atmosphere. It was chill and perfect for conversations with friends. A great little hidden gem.


The Newbie: The Joyce

The Joyce is not new to Fredericton, but their patio is! It's not even a month old and the whole thing is run as if it was their 10th season. The Joyce or formerly know as the James Joyce Pub, is located in the Crown Plaza on Queen Street (same block as the Southside Shake). It recently went through some renovations and is like new.

The patio is totally new for them and it's perfectly situated right off the walking path next to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

The Joyce has the largest beer menu I have ever seen. They have 36 beers to pick from and a tasty menu. We got the Lobster Roll with Umami Fries and the Carolina Hot Fried Chicken Burger. The lobster roll was really tasty, wish the meat was a little bigger, but it's Fredericton and we aren't the land of Lobster. The chicken burger, was really good!

Our food arrived quickly and we sat in the sun soaking in the rays while we waited. The staff was good, but he didn't know where the lobster was from and I would have liked to know. Regardless, it was a really nice time and the patio is a must try for sure. It's in such a great location and is perfect for a drink with friends.


Those are my choices, I hope you agree or find a new location you like!

Thanks for reading,



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