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Lush Haul

I was going to write about my trip to Québec City, but it was honestly a simple trip that revolved around shopping and going to Céline Dion. I already wrote about Céline, so I may as well write about Lush because I pretty much only bought Lush. Oh we also went to a horrible restaurant that disgusted me so much, it made the bad food seem decent. That was the trip, so I thought I would show you what I got!

Big Hair Conditioner. Yes, these solid hair conditioners work, but differently than you are used to. I used the daddy-o version on my trip to Europe and I am happy to say I loved my hair more on this than I did regular conditioner.

Little Pot of Energy a solid moisturizer. Honestly, ever since a good friend of mine introduced me to solid moisturizers, I haven't wanted to go back to bottled moisturizers. I also used this on my trip to Europe and it was great and it's better for the environment as there's no plastic!

Minamisoma and Coco Loco Naked Shower Oils. Essentially, it's an in-shower moisturizer and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I hated moisturizing and this is great because it's part of my shower routine.

Bath Oils. I discovered bath oils in Hawaii and these are so nice. I honestly don't like bath bombs because they don't do anything other than fizz, these don't do anything crazy, but fill your bath with oils and makes it so decadent.

Bohemian bar soap. I am very aware of what does into out water ways and liquid soap has more chemicals because it needs to stay liquid. I got some nice bar soap for my bathroom. I will cut this up though to make it last longer. It's a fun treat for guests.

No Drought Dry Shampoo. I love the product, but the nozzle is annoying and isn't the best, I lose a lot of product, but one bottle lasts me a year. Overall, it doesn't contribute to aerosol sprays and is as organic as it comes for dry shampoos.

Daddy-O purple shampoo. Yes it works, no it's not as potent as Milk Shake. That being said, this is vegan and it's not tested on animals. So I feel good about using this shampoo. Also, the shampoo lathers really well so a little goes a long way and thing tiny bottle will probably last a year.

I also wanted to get American Cream, Wasabi Shan Kui, and Flyway Hair, but they didn't have them in store, so I will be going back in a few weeks when I go to Halifax. Yes, I am a world traveler this year.

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