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Living Sustainably

I don't know about you, but I get climate change anxiety. ALL THE TIME! I spent a better part of August and September planning how I would green-afy my home. I constantly think of the environment and I know a lot of you do to. Starting to make changes was hard because I didn't know where to start. Do I buy re-usable things, do I change how I make food, do I change my whole beauty regime? The answer was yes to all.

Change is hard, but once I had made the changes, it was evident that I only wanted to live this way. It's actually been so easy to make these changes and I feel better. I'm going to share how I made all my house changes and hygiene changes.

Kitchen Plastic wrap - silicone covers, a tea towel, or bees wax wrap

Tin foil - silicone mats

Zip-lock bags - re-usable silicone bags

Plastic produce bags - reusable produce bags

Paper coffee filters - re-usable filter


Plastic shampoo bottles - Shampoo bars

Plastic conditioning bottles - Conditioning bars

Plastic liquid body wash bottles - bars of soap

Period products - Diva cup

Disposable razors - Razor with changeable head (a little better)

Hairspray/Dry shampoo in an aerosol can - Aerosol free products and powdered dry shampoo

Toothbrush - Bamboo brush

Liquid hand soap in a plastic bottle - bar of soap.

Household Cleaning

Washer - Everything is washed cold

Dryer - Stopped using it and hang to dry, it takes two days, but the savings are amazing!

Laundry soap - I use a no sent biodegradable laundry soap. It's in the biggest container I got, but has lasted a really long time.

Bounce sheets - no dryer, no static.

Floor cleaner - plan on making my own, but for now, I use the best kind for the water.

Window cleaner - vinegar is a miracle.

Dish detergent - We get the Costco sized bottle and it lasts longer than the tiny bottles. Buy less, contribute less.

Detergent pods - the kind that don't come in wrapping

It's not perfect, but I feel better and I try to buy the best products for when it will eventually go into our water systems.


Driving - I walk/bike to work and drive when I need to. It lowers my gas needs and it's great exercise.

These changes aren't hard to make and it was fun to slowly change things around.

Thanks for reading and good luck,



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