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Living Independently: Fill your Life

It's bound to happen, you will feel lonely and I am firm in living with your feelings, so if being lonely makes you sad, feel it. There's nothing wrong with feeling sad because you feel lonely. Just remember, you are loved and just because you feel lonely because you are living alone, or haven't met your future partner, or you feel homesick.... doesn't mean you are alone. Cliché, but it's true.

You are special, loved, and intelligent beyond bounds and life is special and it's short, so waiting for someone to "start" it with is a waste of your time.

Being lonely is fine, live with it, but my favourite thing to do the next day, after feeling lonely, is filling my time. Finding things to do with my time. Everyone is always like "take it easy on yourself, you don't have to do everything at once, blah blah blah"... I agree, you should take it easy, but you should be filling your time with a multitude of things that fill your life. Fill your life with self-care, hobbies, activities, etc. You deserve everything you want right now, not when you find "the one".

My biggest annoyance during COVID is that everyone is so angry (fair) so when someone is actually happy and proud of something instead of being happy for this person, the world poops all over them. I am independent and choose to be. I spend my time taking care of myself because I want to. I choose to not sit an wallow. I am enjoying my single life because one day I won't have as much time for myself. Please stop defending yourself when someone shares something good because it's not an attack on your lifestyle.


Here's a list of things I do to fill my time:

1) I take care of myself

I spent a lot of time in therapy trying to understand that what I should be doing with my life is taking care of myself and making myself happy.

I take care of myself by:

  • Going to the gym

  • Getting a haircut

  • Grocery shopping for food that will fuel my body

  • Spending time with friends

  • Spending time with family

  • Reading

  • Flossing and drinking water

  • Take care of my finances

  • Travel

2) I find projects

I tend to lean towards cleaning my house, improving my house, and finding construction projects that take some time. I also garden and knit, which isn't sad people activities, it's actually very fulfilling.

3) I go outside

Nature is so healing to the soul. I love spending time with nature.

4) I try new things

It's hard, but I definitely try my best.

5) I think about what I have and where I want to go

I had a weird conversation once where someone said I couldn't plan my life. I agree, but also firmly disagree because I think you should plan to a certain extent. You get to choose what you want, where you want to live, and who get's to be apart of your full life.

6) I fill my time with whatever I want to do

It's nuts, but I can literally do anything I want. It's feeing knowing I don't have think about anyone else, but myself.


Enjoy being single, enjoy your independence, spend time getting to know yourself. DO THE F WHAT YOU WANT WITH YOUR LIFE.

All my love,



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