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How to Effectively Sell your Stuff Online

If you're anything like me, you love getting rid of your stuff and you always have a pile that could be called "garage sale". Seeing that it's 2019, garage sales are not something I think of or want to do. If I have something to sell, I want everyone to know about it as quickly as possible.

Selling online is a great tool and so easy to do. Over the years, I've come to realize a lot of tricks and I want to share them with you because I can't keep seeing people try and sell stuff for too high of a ticket price.

I have five tips to keep your sanity while selling, but also getting rid of your stuff that you don't want anymore.


1) Sell what is still in good shape.

People will only buy if something is in good shape. Your fast fashion t-shirt isn't going to sell, neither are broken items. People want to think it's new to them and they are getting a good deal.

2) Drop the price of the item by 70%-80%

I got a chair for Christmas one year and it was no longer serving me. The chair cost $200+tax. I sold it for $50. I reduced the price of the chair by 79%. It sold within a few hours.

Alternatively, I tried selling a Lululemon sweater for $50, I paid around $115. No one bought it. I eventually sold it for $20 at my parents garage sale. I dropped the price by 83%.

No one wants to buy things that will cost them. I always see furniture going for higher prices and I'm always asking "who buys this?". Drop the price if you want something gone, price it to sell, not keep. You probably won't find someone to buy it at a higher price.

3) Stop selling used hygienic items

Okay, I know that that Naked Palette cost you $64, but that was your choice to buy it. Please stop selling your used makeup and products because you need cash or are feeling buyers remorse. Here's a whole post I wrote about it once. It's gross and rude, if you want to give it away and someone wants to take it, it's a different story, but do not sell it.

4) Put items up early in the morning on the weekend

The best time to put an item for sale is between 8am and 10am. That way when people are searching it's during their morning coffee and it's fresh on Marketplace or Kijiji.

5) Do not make this difficult for you

You should never offer delivery, you should never go out of your way to sell to someone. It's not worth it. You already have it priced to sell, so you should make the buyer work for it. Someone else will come along to buy it.


Here are things that almost always sell: - Purses in good shape

- Home decor

- Nicer clothing

- Bikes

- Small appliances that are rarely used

- Shoes that have never been worn

Basically, stuff that's still in good shape and barely used.

Hopefully these tips work for you.

Thanks for reading,



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