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How to Dry Herbs Quickly

It's that time of year where I dry out the herbs I grew and realize I only grew about three tablespoons worth. Although the amount doesn't seem like a lot, it's always so interesting to see what I grow and how the processing creates dried herbs differently from the store.

Now, I cannot fathom spending time on drying herbs in paper bags and what not, it takes too much time. I oven dry my herbs and it's so practical.

It's the easiest process and it doesn't take a lot of time.

1) Wash the herbs

2) Dry the herbs

3) Remove the leaves from the stem

4) Place the leaves on a cookie sheet and spread them out. The cookie sheet needs to have nothing on it

5) Set the oven to 190 degrees

6) Place the cookie sheet into the oven

7) Let the herbs completely dry out. You will know it's dry when they are crunchy, like dried leaves in the fall.

8) Crumble the herbs until they are in pieces

9) Place the herbs in containers or freeze them if you don't use them often

Enjoy your dried herbs the next time you are cooking!

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