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Getting a Routine Back Gently

I love a good trip, it get's me out of my routine, I get to adventure and I always come back needing a routine. Jumping back into life when you are jet lagged is hard, but if you are like me, your fridge is empty and you have nothing to eat. Which means you have to get back into a routine or else you will starve. Or go bankrupt by buying lunch all the time.

I know the fatigue after a trip is quite intense, so here are my best tips to getting back into a routine after a trip gently:

1) Plan some meals for the week on your way back home

You probably have time to kill in the car, or on the flight home, so it would be relatively easy to make a grocery list. This way, you have food. Or maybe you froze some meals, but you will need some perishable food items, so it's good to have that ready.

2) Settle back into your house

I like to reacquaint myself with my surroundings. See what needs to be fixed or if something smells. I also like to open the windows or at least start the air conditioner.

3) Take a nap

Jet lag is a real issue and sleep in crucial for your well-being. Try your hardest to get back to a normal sleep schedule or at least take a nap so you can function.

4) Unpack

I like to unpack in stages. First I take the clothing out and do a wash because you will need clothing. Then later I take out the toiletries and put those away when I need them. After all that I put everything away a few days after I get back.

5) Go grocery shopping

Once the laundry is running, I like to go to the grocery store.

6) Get a good nights sleep

I like to sleep early and hopefully I will be ready for the next day. Maybe you have to work.

7) After a few days go back to exercising and slowly incorporate regular activities

A few days after you get back, you should be ready to jump back into your life. Hopefully the fatigue will be better by then.

I mean I could tell you to take a bath or whatever, but self-care really sometimes means you need to do the most mundane activities. Once you get your basics down, you should be able to get back into your life a little easier.

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