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Favourite Things To Do in Fredericton

Fredericton in the city is the most charming little city I've ever laid my eyes on. Fun Fact, I worked for the city for one whole summer, I still throw out fun Fredericton facts over and over to anyone who will listen. There's a lot to do in Fredericton, like a lot, but what I love most about this city it's it's quiet and peaceful way of life. It's not face-paced and I like it that way. I love touring this city and it's my home, so I thought I would share my favourite things to to in Fredericton!

1) Sit on a Patio

It's a classic activity that is super relaxing and fun. My favourite patios can he found here.

2) Go to Chess Piece

It would take me too long to list all the things I love at Chess Piece, but my favourite things are their soups and all their desserts. Chess Piece has two locations on either end of Queen Street, you should go and you should go often.

3) Golfing at Mactaquac

My favourite golf course is 50 years old and between the magical trees and wildlife, Mactaquac is gorgeous. Hole 11 is my favourite.

4) Go to Scott's Nursery

Scott's Nursery is this wonderful place to visit for plants or for a peaceful walk. The staff is really friendly and I love that the green house is so warm.

5) Bike the Trails

Fredericton is known for it's trail system. The city is littered with them and it's amazing. Great exercise and beautiful views.

6) Sit in Officers Square for Changing of the Guard

Changing of the guard isn't like Ottawa or London, but it is special and the people who coordinate it care a lot.

7) Go to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery is this quiet place with beautiful things to look at. I really enjoy visiting it.

8) Go to the Garrison Night Market

This is a fun newer addition to Fredericton and it's a really fun chill activity on a Thursday night.

9) Watch a Movie under the Stars

I hated working these events, but they are so much fun to attend.

10) Admire the sunset by the river

There's nothing quite looking at a Fredericton sunset by the river. It's the most beautiful landscape.

These are my favourite things to do in Fredericton.

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