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Everything I Want to do After Self-Isolation is Over

Seeing that I watch a lot of Tiktok videos now, there's is one that I laugh at every time I see a variation of it. Tracy has some wise words and tbh, I am here for them. I can't wait for this shit show to be over and live the best life ever.

If I've learnt anything from this, it's that life is too short to be stressed, angry, or sad. It's okay to feel the feelings and emotions, but living there is toxic. I for one am ready to live my best life ever. I really am. I already have this amazing life, but worrying about boys, where I will be five years from now, and the past are all things I have little to no control over.

Being in a relationship will happen eventually. I don't need to place my energy there.

I have a great career and love my job. Doing a good job is #1 and who knows where I will be in five years. It's all icing once you've done a good job.

The past happened, it's done, dwelling on it doesn't move me forward.

I have no control over these things, so why do I put so much energy into it? It's because I care, but spending my energy on things I do have control of, is a way better use of time.

Bringing a positive mindset to life is the most valuable thing I can bring to having a great life. Everything else that happens is in direct correlation to the positive mindset and most of the time it's all icing on top of the cake.

Okay, now that's I've shared my thoughts on life being so short and precious, I am gonna share everything I want to so when this shit show is over. It's NB based because I can't leave the province.


1) Go surfing

I just really want to go surfing this year. Not sure where I can do that in NB, but we will find something.

2) Join a dance class

Oh my, this is probably something I've wanted to do since I quit dance, but have been to afraid to try. I have to wait until September, but I truly think I will do it.

3) Actually smile and speak to strangers

I am notorious for not being friendly with strangers. I think it's this preconceived notion that as a woman, I will be stocked, hurt, etc. if I speak to strangers. Also, from birth we were all told not to speak to strangers. I am actually going to continue talking to my neighbors and other people walking by if I see them.

4) Spend more time at the beach

I want to go to the beach, I want to smell sea water. I want to sit and read a book.

5) Wear whatever I want

I hate that we have these standards on what we can wear in certain situations/we feel the need to wear makeup. If I wanna wear a dress I will. If I wanna wear leggings I will. I want to dress for myself and I don't need makeup.

6) Go on more hikes

Nature is so amazing. I want to be there.

7) Fix the tattoo

Y'all, I got it partially removed and now I don't want to get rid of it. I want it to look nice. Once I can get this fixed, I will be.

8) Discover NB We have NB all to ourselves. If you don't think you need to visit it, you are wrong. This is probably the only time in our lives that we have the ultimate access pass to NB. I am going to milk it.

9) Continue shopping local

I talk about it, but I haven't been able to get into a routine that is consistent. Lately, I've been discovering what there is out there and I am just in love with shop owners in NB and their products.

10) Really celebrate life

I mean, I celebrate life all the time, but sometimes I forget when it gets hard and I am over that. I really like my gratitude lists and will continue to write them even when this is over.

11) Eat the lobster

I got a special tank top just for lobster.

12) Go on amazing bike rides

I can't bike to work anymore and refuse to let my bike in the garage. Thankfully we have an amazing trail system.


I shall leave you with a Céline Dion song, mostly because this is what I was listening to when I wrote this. I'm Alive

I really feel ready to take on the world. I feel such clarity on what I want and who I am.

All my love,



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