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Building a French Inspired Garden Part Two

Let's recap! We built the garden in a few weekends, but the rest of the yard had been neglected. We spent about four weekends bringing the yard back to shape.

Here's what was left to do:

1) Add a fence in the back as a means to keep our patio area private.

2) Cut out the remaining grass for the flower garden.

3) Spray paint the front pots black.

4) Replace all the herb garden pots with new and used terracotta pots (Worth the money spent) Then I decided we need matching black pots for an accent inside the vegetable garden.

5) Spray paint the table and the umbrella stand to match each other.

6) Paint the chairs and swing (See my blog post from two years ago).

7) Buy two new chairs for the back.

8) Make final plans for vegetable selection, this has been going on since September.

9) Make a rough final plan for the flower garden, we have never done flowers it's probably going to be a surprise on what we decide to get.

10) Buy dirt and mulch (I think we need a few bags of each, but I will be wrong).

11) Plant everything. Have I mentioned I've been growing tomatoes and cucumbers from seed as well?


Our patio area is behind our house next to the garage. You remember, I've re-done it for two years now. We had to add a fence to block some children from playing there. During the winter, it's a fun place to play, but in the spring, summer, and fall, we use it as an adults only area. Trying to explain this to a three-year old is really hard. It's held together with cinder blocks and bungee cords and I just love that.

Over the long weekend in May, we did a number of activities outside, like cut the grass out for the flower bed, paint all the pots and we got new chairs. We chose to paint the old pots black to bring them back to life. These pots were second hand and about 15-years old, so they needed something. I liked the brown pots before, but now we have a black colour scheme for the front. We also painted the swing and pink chairs because those need yearly maintenance.

The week after the long weekend, we started ordering plants and mapping out where plants that repel insects would go. I am a firm believer in companion planting, so I spend a lot of time making sure everything we planted could go next to each other.

We ordered/bought in person (in the order of flower bed, vegetables, and seeds):

4 Elijah Blue grass (native to France, a sheer coincidence)

4 Daisy plants (Argyranthemum Grandaisy White)

5 Chive herbs

7 English lavender (three from last year)

1 Duchess of Edinburgh Clematis

7 marigolds (for pests)

12 varying plants for pots around the house. I know we have petunias and ivy, but I forget what else we got.

6 Strawberry plants

2 Thyme herbs

1 Basil herb

1 6-pack Jalepeño plant

3 Parsley herbs

3 Oregano herbs

2 4-packs of Zucchini plants

1 4-pack of Butternut squash plant

1 4-pack of green onions

Radish seeds

Beet seeds

Romaine seeds

Spinach seeds

Kale seeds

Pea seeds (we will have so many)

Sunflower seeds

We also received a green bean plant and a cucumber plant from a neighbour and I am growing cucumbers, beefsteak tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes.

We got three bags of black mulch and two bags of compost. The flower garden had some dead dirt and we still need to spray fertilizer, but it should be fine for now.

It was a lot of plants and I didn't get a picture of it because we had so many over so many days and I forgot.

On the weekend after the long weekend, we planted up the pots, then we planted the seeds and because we had too many plants around the house, we planted the garden (veg and flower). Then there was a frost advisory, so we covered everything with towels. I also got a new metal watering can.

We still have to plant the tomatoes and cucumber, but they are too tiny right now to plant safely.

All my love,



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