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  • Samantha Dawn

Bring a Little Joy This Christmas

In the last week or so, I have cried at every Christmas commercial, every Christmas movie, and I just about jumped for joy when I saw holiday mugs at Starbucks.

Needless to say I am craving the need to bring people a little holiday joy. I also need to stop crying at every opportunity (do I? It’s happy tears). It used to be that I was in an office and I would bake holiday cookies, write Christmas cards, and one year, I knit my team headbands. Last year, I took a break, but this year, it’s entirely different.

We are all craving a little magic and what is more magical than the magic of Santa? Nothing, not even when you step on the lot of Universal Studios Hollywood and they are playing the Jurassic theme song... I am very specific when it comes to magic.

My family takes Christmas seriously and that means finding ways to be magical this holiday season. I have taken it upon myself to find ways you can spread the holiday cheer and remain safe.

Before I leave you with the list, I leave you with two quotes from The Grinch (2000) that should always define your Holidays.

“Nobody should be alone on Christmas” - Cindy Lou Who and;

“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas means a little bit more” - The Grinch


1) Donate. The easiest way to bring holiday cheer this holiday season is to donate money. A lot of organizations are set-up online, but you can also probably write a cheque and mail it. Also, you can donate more than money like lightly used boots, costs, mittens to homeless shelters and non-perishable foods to food banks.

2) Volunteer. You can safely volunteer your time from home, here’s how:

  • Write cards for the homeless or nursing homes.

  • Use your social media for good and not personal use. Stop posting about your personal life all the time and share opportunities for volunteers, donations, holiday activities.

  • Bake cookies for people like nurses and first responders. They might not eat it, but it’s fun to look at.

2.5) Volunteer in person. Just wear a mask, stay 6-feet away, and don‘t volunteer if you are sick.

3) Participate in the activities your town or city are holding. It is very possible to stay safe and participate in activities.

4) Go Christmas carolling. You can sing with a mask on and do it as a family bubble. Nobody will hate it because it’s joyful. The best way to spread holiday cheer is signing loud for all to hear.

5) Bake cookies/baked goods for your neighbours, family, colleagues, whoever you want.

6) Write holiday cards and have them with you, so when you see someone in your bubble you have them ready to share. It brings a lot of love. You can also consider giving cards to the stores that supported the community when there was a shutdown.

7) Shop local. If you haven’t been shopping local all year, Christmas is the time to do it. Support your economy.

8) Light your house up. Take the time and light your house up and decorate. Walking is everyone’s hobby this year and it’s really fun to see the lights.

9) Remind people they are special. You should do this all the time, but we constantly need the reminder this year.

10) CALL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. I cannot stress this enough, but it’s the most lonely season of the year and also there’s a pandemic that has isolated loved ones.


Take the time this season to take care of yourself, but also bring joy to other people.

All my love,



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