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A Collective Local Shopping Haul

Shopping locally is now something I do for sport and I had rules I had to follow because shopping for sport cannot come without rules.

The rules: 1) It had to be from a shop in Fredericton

2) It had to be something I would use in the future/needed

3) I could buy else where if I couldn't find it at a shop

4) No pressure to get groceries local because I am not familiar with certain shops and grocery shopping was already stressing me out when I started this adventure. So if I wanted to, I could.

Something I realized that was super fun about shopping local was that vendors were able to provide everything same day and they were always always so happy to see me. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS IMPORTANT TO ME. I had a lot of fun shopping locally and finding beautiful things to fill my house.

Also, every curbside pickup and delivery was amazing!


1) The NB Box

Granted this isn't from Fredericton, they are based out of Saint John, I really loved how much they offered. I also wanted to try everything I could get and I didn't have to pay shipping on five different items. It arrived quickly and everything I got is delicious.

2) A Homard Bound tank from Sandy Toes Shop. Look, I met the owner at a food conference and loved her energy from the beginning. Her having a coastal apparel company and PR company is perfect. We all need to embrace our coastal maritime status especially since we all need to stay in NB for the summer. This is from Moncton/Dieppe area, so broke my first rule, but whatever.

3) A book from Westminster Books

I love Westminster since I moved to Fredericton 12+ years ago. They had the Twilight book and I didn't have to wait in line for it like I would have at Chapters. That's when I discovered how amazing local is. I got the book No More Nice Girls by Lauren McKeon, excited to read it.

4) Three scrunchies from Loop Lifestyle

I didn't need more scrunchies, but knew I would use them. I typically only get he mini's because my hair is fine and short, but I find with the silk ones, you should just get regular because it gives more volume.

5) Some Lululemon and a Modo Gift card from Modo Yoga Fredericton

This is one of my favourite places in Fredericton. I get a hug and a great yoga session every time and they are so welcoming to everyone. It was easy to shop and it's supporting local. Before checking out Lululemon, check them out because it will end up helping our economy and a local business.

6) A litre of pure maple syrup from Dumfries Maples

I couldn't go to a sugar shack, but that doesn't mean I didn't drive out to Dumfries NB and get a bottle of my favourite condiment in the world!

7) Necessities from Sequoia

I really love that you can get coconut aminos in Fredericton. I also needed Komboucha and parchment paper, which I can get at the grocery store, but it's not going to be compostable and I can't find Rise kombucha at the regular grocery store.

8) Whale salt and pepper shakers from Reimagine Designs

The cutest decor shop downtown. I really love how right now they are doing care packages and those are the best gifts. Anyways, I saw these salt and pepper shakers and couldn't resist.

9) The LC 28 Day fitness challenge from Sweat Club

I typically go to the Y, but seeing that the gyms are closed and I need fitness for my mental health, I signed up to get myself back into a routine of working out. I really enjoyed the workouts and that I was supporting a local business.

I have also supported restaurants in taking out food, which is always perfect especially when I don't want to cook. So far, I've eaten at the Snooty Fox and Moco. The service was excellent, the food was the same quality and the no contact pickup was perfect!

This was my haul, if I get more, check out the highlight on my Instagram for more updates.

All my love,



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