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  • Samantha Dawn

61 Ways to Stay Positive During Self-Isolation

I cannot stress enough:

- Living with your negative thoughts will make self-isolation worse.

- Judging those who may not understand the severity of this situation, instead of teaching them how to help things, will only make you unhappy.

- Spending your days reading the news and on social media will only create a negative cloud in your brain.

- It also doesn't help when people share everything under the sun. It's not helpful to share everything. Don't read it.

I've made some big statements, but living through this is the only option, so you need to stay positive. Here's 61 ways to stay positive, yes, I stole some of these from my previous list because they are good for you.


1) Start a meditation practice

2) Create a gratitude journal

3) Get a really good nights sleep

4) Exercise regularly (not to lose weight, but for the endorphins)

5) Take daily walks (again, not to lose weight, but for the endorphins)

6) Go slowly, you've got time

7) Refocus your energy every day

8) Find ways to help others

9) Have a dance party

10) Make really good meals

11) Teach yourself how to handle criticism

12) Stop making a tiny situation into a bigger situation

13) Learn when something isn't worth your attention

14) Do not reply to every comment you see online

15) Say something nice about yourself every day

16) Start your mornings doing something you love. I love drinking my coffee slowly.

17) Be mindful throughout the whole day

18) Take care of your skin

19) Practice finding the silver lining. I promise you there is one in every situation

20) Create a positive environment

21) Talk to the negative people less. It sucks, but is necessary for self preservation

22) Be grateful for your experiences and not your material items

23) Express your feelings

24) Let your fears live a short life. The more you worry, the worse your life gets.

25) Find solutions to your fears instead of living with them.

26) What is the worst thing that could happen?

27) Listen to your favourite song

28) Smile

29) Do stuff that excites you. I love gardening, I can't wait to plant my garden.

30) Keep an open mind

31) Clean your house. I know you might not have time, but take a break and clean.

32) Read personal development books

33) Listen to podcasts that offer a positive look on life

34) Believe in yourself

35) Find humour in every day life

36) Stop looking at your problems like they're the worst thing in the world (it's not)

37) You can be realistic, but don't live there

38) Stop and smell the roses, soon it will be June and that's the best smelling month

39) Share good news with everyone

40) Find distractions

41) Stop being so mean to yourself

42) Avoid all-or-nothing thinking, it doesn't need to be perfect to be good

43) Nobody is out to get you

44) Remind yourself that you are loved (you are)

45) Practice being calm

46) Find a way to let out your anger out in a way that doesn't hurt anyone or yourself

47) Find something to improve every day

48) Ask "what can I learn from this situation?"

49) Paint

50) Participate in live streams

51) Watch Tik Tok videos

52) Say thank you to everyone

53) Drink water. If anything it will make your kidneys happy

54) Start crafting. It will give you a sense of accomplishment

55) Tick off items from a To-Do list

56) Spend time in nature

57) Stay off social media, use an app timer on your phone to limit time

58) Watch a funny movie

59) Find old games that made you happy and play those

60) Be grateful for the things you have and your health

61) Stop comparing yourself to others

Staying positive doesn't need to be complicated. You don't need to dig deep to find good in the world. You don't need a lot to find the positive in your life. It's really important to always find your way back to a positive mindset. Life doesn't need to be perfect to be good.

All my love,



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