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5 Hot Takes (My Unpopular Opinions)

Oh boy, I had a blog post for this week, then I stopped writing and now I am writing something new. All of my posts are planned up to November so this was a little hard to change last minute. Then I saw a Lady Like video, where they share their hot takes and I was like "Yes, I am doing that".

I love a good hot take. It's fun. It's my unpopular opinions, here for you to read.

1) Wearing socks to bed is comfortable

I have cold toes, socks make it better. Deal with it.

2) Stop brining your guitar to parties

I just cannot understand when people pull out their guitars during a party. Where did it come from? Did you bring it with you or did you just find it? I don't bring my knitting, I don't just take someone else's knitting and ask if I can work on their project. I think if you are asked to play something, you should, but if you have not been asked, please don't play. Nobody asked for the performance.

3) Wearing underwear is important

I don't know when we all stopped wearing underwear, but that's just not hygienic. I really hope you all wipe down your gym equipment after sitting on it because it's so gross to think that someone is just walking around san underwear and just workout pants and didn't wipe the equipment down. I'm all about sweating, I just don't your body sweat anywhere near mine.

4) I wish there were less influencers

I know, I used to love Youtube influencers and I loved a good Instagram influencer, but having come out of the declutter I just did, I really question if I loved something because I wanted it or because someone else said they loved it. I've really had to step back and think about what I am buying and essentially re-teach myself how to shop for products. That being said, I know some influencers and genuine and those are the people I reach out to if I am interested in a product. I know that ad's are how they make their money and I love people who hustle, I just don't like people who lie or stretch the truth about how amazing something is. I am no longer fooled by the filters they put to their lives.

5) We all get too excited about sports

I said it. I love a good sporting event, but there's a sporting event for every sport every weekend. It's too much. I understand the feeling of being proud of a team, but I don't understand yelling at the TV. They can't hear you. Then when the sport person get's injured and retires, we as a society get mad at them. People, we have forced this human to ruin their body for our entertainment, then we get mad when they tap out. It's terrible. I'm not saying don't enjoy sports, I'm just saying take it down a notch.

You might agree with me and you might not.

Thanks for reading,



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