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Road Travels: Italy Part 2

Here we are, the last leg of Italy. What I have learnt since getting back: I don't have to be on a schedule that doesn't do anything for me. I have found myself sleeping in more, not being on a routine that is so stringent, and just enjoying my life. It's really nice.

Let's get into our last week in Italy from Aug 12-18: Sorrento and Rome

Aug 11: Travel to Sorrento

I highly recommend a visit to Sorrento. I found it gorgeous and really serene. I will say one thing, I heard of a lot of people taking taxi's from Naples or Rome to get to Sorrento or Positano and that just seemed like a really big waste of money to me. There's a train to Naples, then there is a train to Sorrento, and to get to Positano you have to take a ferry because the bus there is too windy and full.

The train from Naples to Sorrento is old and covered in graffiti, which makes sense since Naples is a city ravaged by poverty. I understand why they haven't updated the train system yet. To be honest with you, I loved the train from Naples to Sorrento, it was very authentic and interesting to be on.

We got to Sorrento and we were staying in an apartment, which was located perfectly between the train station and downtown. It was also right around the corner from the grocery store, which was so cool.

We spent all day traveling, so we only ate at around 8pm, which was late for me, but that's when everyone else was eating because of the heat. I got pizza at Pizzeria Aurora, it was good.

Aug 12: We headed to Pompeii, which was incredible. We didn't go with a tour, but it was so hot, that I was okay just walking around and seeing everything. It's very dusty there.

That night, I had heart shaped truffle ravioli. The restaurant had a guy who was signing and he was so amazing!

Aug 13: We went for a boat tour around Capri. It was my favourite day of this trip. I broke my sandals, I lost my hat, and I got motion sickness, but it was such a good day regardless of the circumstances.

We found this great restaurant on the water and spent most of our time there because I was really sick. I really liked it, it was relaxing and right on the ocean. I didn't see the island, but I am okay with that.

Aug 14: We traveled to Sorrento via Ferry. I googled taking the bus, but it seemed overcrowded and on a lot of windy roads. The ferry is a great resource, which cost more, but it was so worth it.

We spent the day on the beach at Positano, just enjoying the weather and eating gelato in giant lemons.

Aug 15: We traveled from Sorrento to Naples and then to Rome. We made it to our hotel and we were on a hop on hop off tour by 10:30am. The hop on hop off ended up being a great idea, because it allowed us to not have to take the metro which, was closed because it was actually a roman holiday.

First we saw the Spanish Steps, then we went to the Trevi Fountain, and then we spent two hours standing in line for the colosseum. Totally worth the wait. That pretty much filled our day, but my sister wanted to do more, so she found a cool park by our hotel and we went for a walk. The park was closed for construction and had turned into a cat colony. A bit scary, but we got out of there and it was fine.

Aug 16: Was our last day in Italy. We got up early and finally caved and took a taxi to the Vatican museum. We didn't end up waiting long because we were there at 8:10 and the museum opens at 9, so no one can get in until 9. The line went very quickly, we bought tickets and we were in at 9:30. The museum is a place where they just feed you in to see the Sistine chapel, it's beautiful, but over crowded.

We then walked to Saint Peter's Square and just looked around, it was either the museum or visit the church. Then at this point in the day, my body just shut down from exhaustion. We went back for a nap.

Our last activity, was a food tour, which is very interesting, but I would never do again because you have to talk to strangers and that can be interesting, but I was annoyed by them by 9pm.

My favourite thing to eat was coconut gelato.

Well, that is it. You made it! on August 17 and 18, we traveled home and for 24 hours awake, I was doing okay at 2:30am when we got home.

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