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My Summer Bucket list

Oh summer, a time where my weekends become mini vacations and every weekend is busy. I get to grow my vegetables, I get to enjoy the weather, and I get to spend with loved ones. Summer is honestly such a fun time and so of course I needed a list of things to check off, as I am a planner. Most of this list has been planned for months, so I am just using my plans to feed this list.

I also want to point out that this is not a typical summer, this is a summer packed with once in a lifetime opportunities that I won't be doing again for a while. In addition, this is my summer and if your summer isn't a trip to Europe or you never get to see the beach, that' okay! Your summer will be amazing no matter what.

Here is my summer bucket list:

1) Play golf

2) Go paddle boarding

3) Go to Bottomless Bingo

4) Go for a hike

5) Go to Ribfest

6) Visit PEI

7) Enjoy some really good patios

8) Visit Providence, Rhode Island

9) See John Mayer in Concert

10) Travel to Paris

11) Travel to Italy

12) Be at the top of the Eiffel Tower

13) See Versaille

14) See Palais Garnier

15) Spend time on the beach in Nice

16) Visit a Parfumerie

17) Visit the Florence Leather Market

18) Take a boat trip to Capri

19) Have a Lizzie McGuire movie moment on the Spanish Steps

20) Eat really good food

21) Go to the beach more than once

22) Read books

23) See Céline Dion in concert

24) Go on a road trip

25) Go to the night market in Fredericton

26) Celebrate my 26th Birthday

27) Spend time by the Pool

28) Build a sandcastle

29) Ride a train

30) Visit Museums

31) Go camping

32) Clean the environment

33) Plant my garden

34) Visit Ministers Island and Saint Andrews

35) Love myself

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