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Summer Reads

There's nothing I love more than losing myself in a book; especially in the summer by a beach. I can read for hours and not realize I've been reading for hours.

Which is why I always buy a lot of books for the summer. Last year and the year before that, I didn't get much reading done. Why? I'm not sure, maybe it's because there wasn't a story that inspired me or maybe it was because I got sucked into Netflix before bed every night. (it's the second one btw)

Reading was my escape during the summer months when I didn't have as many friends kicking around. I went to a school that had an array of students all over the city and valley, so I didn't grow up next to my classmates and it required a lot of parent coordination. I had a lot of time to spare, but I never really noticed, I liked the break away from school.

Since I didn't read the books I bought last year (I used them to kill bugs) I have included them on the list. Also, the way I pick out my books is by going to the Chapters entrance and finding something I like there. It's not complicated, I just want a story line that foreshadows a love story at the beginning and is easy to read. Which is all summer reads.

I have six books to read this summer, and according to a poll on my Instagram you all think I should quit books I couldn't get in to, so sorry Al from Chapters, I didn't like your recommendation of Death in Province... but I don't love murder mystery books.

The First Book I am reading is 99 Percent Mine, by Sally Thorne. I picked this book because there's a 99 percent chance that the sister and the brother's friend will end up together. If I am wrong, I will be upset. I also liked the cover. It seemed like a book I could get lost in.

The second book I am reading is Circle of Friends by Maeve Binchy. I picked this book because my co-worker told me to read it and said I wouldn't regret it. It's 722 pages. It has a terrible cover, but I can't judge that. I also read the cliff noted and thought I would enjoy reading the whole story.

The third book I have is Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors by Sonali Dev. I really liked Pride and Prejudice (the movie, shame me later) I picked this book because of the author who "writes Bollywood-style love stories that let her explore issues face by women around the world while still indulging her faith in happily-ever-afters." It seemed like a nice love story.

The fourth book I got is called The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez. This book intrigued me by the title, then I read the plot and it's about a best friend planning a wedding and meeting the best man. I'm hoping for cheese.

The fifth book I have is from last year and it's called The Perfect Couple by Erin Hilderbrand. I used this book to kill a lot of spiders. It's Nantucket wedding season and that's he line that hooked me. It's a murder mystery, but it's at the beach, so it's okay.

The last book I have is The Summer Nanny by Holly Chamberlin. Again, it's a book filled with drama and love during the summer in a beach town, what is not to love?

I have a lot of reading to get to, thanks for reading,



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