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26 Lessons for 26 Years

Not going to lie, remembering 26 things I've learnt before 26 is hard. So I definitely only came up with 13 and then I came up with 13 things to do when I am 26 to balance it out. Then I realized I already had done that with my Summer Bucket List, so I went back to lessons, which was hard.

1) Setting personal boundaries is important

I didn't know that to set a personal boundary, I had to actually express myself. I am a quiet person, I internalize a lot of stuff. I realized to actually get people to know what I think, I have to express my boundaries.

2) Honesty is the best Policy

It's always always important to be honest, which I learn every year.

3) New friends are right around the corner

I always thought making new friends is hard, but it's not. Especially when you are an adult and making friends is far and few between so you become a lot more accepting and inclusive.

4) Loosing weight is hard, but fun

I exercise a lot, but I've found enjoyment in it.

5) Reviewing cookbooks is a lot of fun

Ouf, buy yourself a cookbook and try recipes from it. It's so much fun.

6) Spending time with family is so important

I can't tell you how important it is to spend time with family. They will be gone one day and it doesn't matter who you think is family, it's important.

7) Turning 26 is like a fresh start into adulthood

1-25 was the first quarter of my life, now I am starting a new quarter, it's full of opportunities and little stress.

8) I am not a lot older than I think

There's something about 26 that makes me feel I have achieved this new level of maturity that I didn't have when I turned 25. Maybe it's that when I was a kid I thought 26 was so old, but it's not. It's a weird feeling.

9) Expectations are garbage

I thought I would be engaged at 26. Fun fact: I am not and that is okay. My life is a journey and I don't know where that is going, but it's amazing and I can't set expectations for myself.

10) Letting go of old stuff is so refreshing

I did the work with a therapist and it feels so nice to be able to say that I can close the bottle on 25 and start a new quarter with little resentment.

11) Taking care of the environment is so easy

It doesn't take much energy to change habits to be kinder to the environment. Also, cleaning up trash doesn't take that much time.

12) Making a new garden bed is challenging

I just didn't quite understand what was included in making a garden bed, but it was more work than I anticipated. Totally worth it though.

13) Being present is a challenge, but not impossible

I've found it to be fun to smell the roses and focus on one thing at a time.

14) Branching out from my regular drinks isn't bad

I was always a wine and red beer kind of gal, but sometimes my stomach hurt, so I changed it up and man I've been missing out on Raddlers.

15) Using the calendar app is life saving

I thought it was stupid, until I started using it.

16) Running into ex'es isn't awkward, until they ignore you

It get's awkward when they can't handle their emotions and say hi like an adult. Hunny, it's been years, just say hi.

17) Hiking isn't that bad

I thought hiking was going to be bad, it's not.

18) Being creative is my jam

I love being creative in so many aspects of my life, it's nice being creative all the time.

19) I need a lot less makeup than I thought I did

It's incredible what de-cluttering makeup will do.

20) Sometimes you know after texting a guy for three days that he is not for you

I just can't deal with someone who isn't into me and only wants to talk about himself.

21) Not getting what you want is okay

Life has you on a journey and as long as you apply for what you want, what is supposed to happen will happen. Trust.

22) Wearing colour isn't bad

I was the queen of black and white and beige. It's fun wearing colour.

23) Always trust your gut

If you get bad vibes, run.

24) Spend time with mother earth

I love spending time with nature and discovering it's energy.

25) Healing my hurt was so worth it

I thought I was thriving, now I know I am.

26) Smile

Don't play it cool, smile when you want to smile.

I am so excited to turn 26. I hope you learn so many lessons this year.

Thanks for reading,



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