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My Birthday Month 2019

What a busy month. Honestly, I didn't intend to pack so much into the month of June, but it was such a great birthday month (I believe we should never stop celebrating ourselves).

The month started with a hike at Split Rock Trail in Lorneville NB and doubles from Lizzie's Trini Kitchen, which were so so good!

LOL, me not caring about the picture, just the food

The next weekend, we celebrated my mom's retirement, cleaned the ocean at Ministers Island, went for a hike in New River Beach, and cleaned the environment on Sunday.

Then it was my actual birthday and my co-workers got me a cake and my parents surprised me with cake as well. I also had cake at lunch... it was a lot of cake. That weekend, I went to the spa for a salt scrub and head massage. Then for father's day, we chased a waterfall.

The weekend of the 22nd, I had my birthday celebrations. We started at RustiCo., went to the Provincial, and ended the night (well I did) at Shake, which is really great for drinks and apps.

On the last weekend of June, I went to PEI to visit my friend and I had a lot of lobster rolls. Check out exactly what I did in Saturdays blog post!

I had such a special birthday month and it was because the people I love made it so special for me. I don't know what I would do without my friends and family.

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