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Etiquette Rules you Should Know

I'm not sure when parents stopped teaching their children etiquette or if everyone cumulatively stopped caring about others, but manners matter. It boggles my mind when someone goes to someones house and doesn't offer to do the dishes, or they don't offer to bring something.

Here's my hot take: You are rude if you don't consider other people. 

Here are 10 things you should just know as a adult because you can't keep living like you've never done the dishes. 

1) Bring a hostest gift when someone is hosting you


Bring wine, bring flowers, bring a candle. Anything to show that you are thankful to them for having you over. Have you ever considered how much it costs to have people over? It's a lot. 

2) Hold the door open for people

IT'S GROSS HOW CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED TO PUSH THE WHEELCHAIR BUTTON ON DOORS. Just open the door and leave the button for someone who needs it. Keep the door held open when you see someone coming. It's not rocked science.

3) Basic Table Manners


Don't eat before everyone else is served. Pass the bread to the right. Place your wrists on the corner of the table not your elbows. There are so many videos to learn about basic table manners, just find one.

4) Offer to pay for gas when someone drives you

Or offer snacks. Offer anything to show you're grateful. 

5) Learn to leave at an appropriate time when you are at someone's house

My biggest pet peeve when people overstay their welcome. It's so rude. 

6) Do the dishes in your office and put the dishes away

​​Look, there's nothing worse than walking into the kitchen and seeing a pile of dishes. Do your dishes, it's polite. Also clean the microwave when you make splashes with your meals. 

7) Don't crowd the boarding area when getting on a plane

You will all get on the plane. You don't need to rush to the gate. Also, you will get off the plane you don't need to stand right as the plane lands (unless you need to use the bathroom). 

8) If there is one bun left, ask the whole house, table, group you're with if someone wants it

It's polite to ask around if someone wants the last of something, maybe someone else really wanted it. Now if you bought it, it's yours. 

9) Don't bring a guest to a wedding if the invite didn't state your name and guest

People are paying for food, it costs a lot of money. Also, maybe they don't want you to bring anyone because they want it to stay small. 

10) Move aside when there is someone coming on the side walk

Look people, I can value a group of people walking, but for the love of everything, move over when someone is walking towards you. It's not hard. 

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