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Birthday Party Ideas

It's no surprise that I love my birthday. I love my birthday so much and I believe celebrating your birthday should be done because you are never too old for a birthday party. Birthday parties are the best and they are way more fun with a theme that is easy to do. Below are my favourite birthday party ideas.

1) Going to Dinner/ Dinner Party

Not the most exciting theme, but it's the easiest one to do. One of my favourite birthdays was when a group of me and my friends went to dinner for my 19th birthday. Pick a good restaurant, gather a group of friends, get some wine and there you have it. Or maybe you want to host your own dinner, it could be easy or complicated.

2) Pool Party

It's a cool party, it's a gas, it's a blast, it's a splash, splash, splash. You are never too old for a pool party. Start the BBQ up, have some drinks and have a nice time.

3) Childhood Dreams

Listen, you're an adult, which means you probably have money to spend on whatever you want, so having childhood dreams party means you can have all the things you never got as a kid. Get a piñata, get a slip and slide, have a fun time!

4) Favourite Band Theme

Look, everyone has a favourite band, so why not celebrate that! Get everyone to dress up and host people at your house or go to dinner. It could be a really fun time.

5) Cottage Birthday / Spa Weekend

I love the idea of a cottage birthday, where a group of friends get together for a fun weekend to celebrate you. It can be relaxing or wild. Alternatively, you could find a spa and spend a weekend away.

I hope you have a good birthday!

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