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Easter Brunch Ideas

Give me a mimosa and brunch any day! I love brunch items and I love Easter, it's the best part about spending all that time in church! Kidding (no I'm not). Anyways, I never really get into Easter ideas because I never saw the opportunity of it. The opportunity is a delicious brunch.

First things first, I made the centre piece the day before. You can find it here.

All of these recipes can be found on my Easter Pintrest Board.

I started brunch by making a menu of items I thought would pair really well together and that were easy to make. All in all, this took about two hours to make.

I started making the French Toast Casserole the night before so it had time to soak. It needs to soak. I got it from Laughing Spatula and it was really good. I did not make the blueberry sauce, I used maple syrup. She told me to cut the cream cheese into cubes and spread them out. I wouldn't do that again, I would whip the cream cheese and place dollops again.

The next morning, I put the casserole in the oven two hours before brunch.

Then I made devilled eggs, with dijon mustard as my sister prepared the cinnamon rolls. Guys, an easy way to make cinnamon rolls is to make them from the can and make your own frosting like we did.

About forty minutes before brunch, I prepped the ham. I bought the sliced ham at Costco, I made the glaze it came with, but I added three tablespoons of dijon mustard. I filled the ham with pineapple slices cut in half. The ham was pre-cooked, it browned perfectly in the oven.

At the same time, I melted garlic butter, slathered it on asparagus, carrots, and potatoes I cut slits into to cook faster and absorb the butter.

Of course, there were mimosas, which we popped open once the first guest arrived.

The centre piece was super easy to make, once I figured it out. Take the flowers and cut them at the end so they match the flower vase. Take the carrots, with the leafy part of the stem cut off and add them to the outside of the flower stems, wrap all of this at the top of the carrots with a rubber band. Take the leafy parts and have them hang over the side of the vase.

Brunch is such a fun time.

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