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How-to: DIY Easter Decorations

I was walking through Home Sense and I couldn't find any Easter decorations I liked. Then, when I was re-vamping my Pinterest to reflect more of myself, I stumbled upon Hometalk's Spring Carrot Door Hanger. I didn't really read the instructions, which I should have. I tried glue gunning the tulips together, but it didn't work. Turns out I pretty much bought what she bought and it all worked out when I read what this lady did.

Overall, it's a super cute and pretty and was easy to make when I read what to do. I did not use the green ribbon because I thought it was ugly. I rather use the burlap ribbon. Also you will need some green flower wire that is not cut up. You need to add pressure to wrap the wire around the tulips, adding more wire the more tulip stems you have. You will also need a wire cutter. Remove the tulips from the stem holder.

It's very simple, just add a few tulips at a time, adding volume at the top. Before the last layer, so before you add on the last six, add the green foliage so that it makes the carrots green part. Then add the remaining tulips. I wrapped the stem section, in burlap then took some burlap and made a bow around the burlap covered stem. Hang on the door using the back of the bow.

If you don't enjoy crafting you won't enjoy this.

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