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Road Reviews: Magnolia Kitchen

I love Chip and Joanna Gains, who doesn't?! This cookbook came out in April of 2018. I got my cookbook at Home Sense at a discount, but I was so excited to get it. I had no idea how big the Mangolia brand was, but they have a restaurant, a design book, and much more. I wanted to try out this cookbook because a lot of the time, companies that have big brands, like theirs, the cookbook isn't really well done. I tried out seven recipes because the book was so big and had so much more than I thought it would.

Perfect Roast Chicken

I made this with a turkey because I couldn't find a chicken the right size. I've never lathered butter on a bird before, but it was interesting. I absolutely loved the rosemary and thyme taste, the garlic cloves made the greatest addition to the meal too. My family also loved it too. It was a great meal and we had a lot of leftovers.

Fluffy Pancakes

I am a huge fan of homemade pancakes from scratch. I didn't think it could get better than Martha Stewarts, but it did! This recipe is amazing, it's exactly how I want pancakes to taste. I added blueberries to mine because I always add blueberries. Truly a delightful breakfast.

Three Cheese Quiche

My sister who hates quiche loved this! It smells amazing and is delicious. I have never had gruyere, but I loved the taste of it in the quiche. I thought it might cook over, but it didn't and it's such a great breakfast item. I also loved how she didn't expect you to make a pie crust and offered for you to use a store-bought pie crust.

Brownie Pie

Making the pie was the easy part, but I overfilled the pie crust because I had moulded it into a heart. Anyways, it ended up needing a few more hours in the oven then I burnt the top so I scrapped it off and let the rest cook. It's really delicious, it looks like a mess, but it's good.

Party Queso

I love queso, I've never made it on my own, but I have had the stuff that comes in a jar and this is so much better than that. The only thing I would do is half the recipe because it makes a lot, but it would be good for a party if that was the only thing being served. It's also made with Velveeta, which is the grossest cheese ever. Other than that, it was really tasty and easy to make.


I am 100% allergic to avacado, but I still ate this to see if it was good. That being said, my sister who loves guac, said it was really good and she makes it more than I do. I really liked how fresh it was and it would make the perfect summer party dip. I loved the pickled jalapeños which really added just a small quick.

White Bean Hummus

I love hummus, this recipe requires a little more work, but it has roasted garlic, roasted pine nuts, and white kidney beans. Other than burning my thumb on the tin foil while removing the roasting garlic, it's a great recipe. It's the healthier alternative out of the three dips I made and I can't wait to snack on it throughout the week.

Final Reviews: This cook book is delicious. All the recipes I tried out were well developed, tasty and truly fantastic. I didn't always love how much every recipe made because it was a lot of food, but if you half the recipes, it would be fine. This cookbook is truly american in the ingredients it used, but Joanna and Chip are from Waco, Texas, so it makes sense. Get the cookbook, I am sure you will find something to make that is delicious.

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