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How-to Season a Cast Iron Pan

I got a cast iron pan for Christmas. I thought it would a good tool to have in the kitchen. That being said, a cast iron pan needs maintenance more than a frying pan with teflon. However, it can last a lifetime and is healthier for you especially when the teflon pan start to disintegrate.

Taking care of a cast iron pan is pretty easy. Here are some key things to remember:

1) Before seasoning the cast iron, you have to sand it down to get a smooth surface. It would have to be with a metal head that you would attach to a drill. You can also just lightly sand it with coarse sanding paper.

2) Wash the pan with steel wool, soap, and warm water.

3) Don't leave the pan to dry on a rack, it will rust. You have to dry it with a cloth and then place it on a burner at medium heat to dry it out. Remove from heat and place on a pot holder.

4) Using olive oil or other vegetable oils, place a few tablespoons on the pan while it is still warm. With a clean cloth, spread the oil all over the pan, inside and out.

5) With another cloth, wipe as much excess oil as possible.

6) Place the pan in the over face down at 350 degrees for about an hour.

7) Repeat this step 3-4 times until you get a glossy pan.

This is after one coat.

8) Once you have cooked in your pan, to clean it, you must let the pan cool a bit. Using warm water and a brush or rough side of the sponge, remove the leftover food. NEVER CLEAN A CAST IRON WITH SOAP, you will get rid of the seasoning. Also, don't use cold water directly on a warm pan because it can crack.

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