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Road Travels: Halifax 2019

I love getting away from where I live. I love where I live, but I love leaving my life for a few days. It's refreshing and in the winter life can become super bland and boring. I took a vacation afternoon and me and my family headed to Halifax for the weekend.


When we first got to Dartmouth, we went to Ikea. Where else would I go? I love Ikea. I got a great rug, this sink drainer for washing vegetables, I also got a new cutting board. I did get other things, but it was a pot and face cloths.

Then we had supper at Jack Astor's, which I love as a chain and I don't care who knows it. They make a great fajita's.

We we're staying at the Hampton Inn and Suites on Brunswick Street. It has a terrible parking garage and was super overrun by kids at hockey tournaments, but the room was clean, nice and the staff was great. Breakfast was good, which there was more egg options and less sweets (saw a lady with a hard boiled egg, I have no idea where she got it). The hotel was in the general downtown area and great for walking everywhere.

On Saturday, we went for pedicures at Life Salon Spa. I had Nadine, she was wonderful.

Then we headed to the mall. I went to Lush and I didn't get any bath bombs or bubble bars. I have decided I just really don't like baths, but Lush has such a variety of products, I made a list. I am going to Europe, so I wanted to get a shampoo bar and a conditioning bar. I also wanted to get a massage bar, the new waste free cleansers, and a fresh face mask. Everything I got was plastic free except for the fresh face mask.

Then I got a Kiehl's Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser. It's similar to the Fresh Soy Cleanser.

I did not buy any new makeup and I am set for face cleansers for a while.

Then we drove up the Citadel to just look around. Everything is pretty much closed off, but some poor kid was still doing tours. I feel for him.

Later in the afternoon, we went for a Keith's Brewery Tour. It's an hour long tour and is really well developed. I had a lot of fun. Then we went for apps at Two Door Down, they have a lovely charcuterie plate, but ask for more bread.

For supper, we went to The Stubborn Goat. THE PIZZA HAD WHOLE CLOVES OF GARLIC. I love this restaurant, the food never disappoints.

We drove home on Sunday and I did everything I needed to get done in an afternoon. It was a really great weekend. I loved every minute of it.


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