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Road Reveals: What's in my Fridge

I kept watching "What's in my Fridge" video's and now I just want to show you what is in my fridge. I just went grocery shopping, this is pretty much what it looks like all the time. I have a multitude of condiments and there's always lettuce that is dying or almost dying in the fridge. I'm not going to go item, by item, but I will tell you the items I always have. I also share half of the fridge with my sister.


I always have kombucha in the fridge for my gut health. I love Flourish kombucha, the flavours are always different and are so delicious. I always have jalapeños for nachos. I always have maple syrup because I am a true Canadian. I also always have salad dressings from he store because you never know when you will need dressing.

On the top of the fridge, I have eggs, salsa, and if the store has strawberries, you can find it here too. The middle shelf is pretty much always for fresh produce.

The bottom shelf always has butter, parmesan cheese, peanut butter, apples, and some sort of dairy alternative milk.

I have two freezers, the deep freeze and the fridge freezer. I have no idea how people live without a deep freezer. Especially with roommates.

In the upstairs freezer, I have bread, shrimp, pot stickers, and a lot of veggies. I also have flours that need to be kept in the freezer.

In my downstairs basement, I have many many many frozen bags of chicken, salmon, and shrimp. I also have frozen onion that it diced. It's amazing and a time saver when cooking.

In my pantry, I have a combination of everything imaginable.

There's nothing really special on this top shelf, I have crackers for adult lunchables, peanut butter, and things to make soup with.

On the highest shelf (not pictured) I have a bin of snacks and powder to help my muscles not be super sore. I also have white hot chocolate and if you know me, you know I hate hate hate hot chocolate.

On the first shelf, I have an assortment of things like chia seeds, teas, stir fry sauce, and vitamins. I also have many jars because I am paranoid a mouse will get into my pantry and ruin all my food. In the jars I have shredded coconut, dried cranberries, pecans and pepitas for salads, popcorn, and vegan chocolate chips.

In the bottom cupboard, I have every vinegar and oil imaginable. I have larger bulky items like rice, quinoa, and oatmeal.

In my final cupboard, I have every baking item anyone will ever need. There is coconut flour, regular flour, and pasta flour. I have all my herbs and spices in mason jars. I also have a lot of sprinkles because you never know when you will need sprinkles.


I hope you enjoyed seeing what was in my fridge.

Thanks for reading,



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