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Holiday Outfit Inspiration

It's been so long since I've had a chance to write something. I have been busy in my life and writing took a back burner. I miss writing for fun, but, every Saturday is a lot, so I will be blogging three times in a row and taking a week off.

I have been busy getting ready for my Septoplasty, which is a surgery to fix my deviated septum. Meaning, I had to cut something out of my life to balance my life. It was important for me to finish all my work projects and decorate the house for Christmas prior to surgery because by the time I started to feel better, it would be December and I feel too late to enjoy decorations. Recovery isn't fun, but I have spent a lot of time pinning outfits to my Pinterest board.

All this to say that I have been online shopping and thought I would share with you my Holiday Outfit Inspirations for this upcoming holiday season. My inspirations are very neutral, which I think pairs perfect with a red lip or a hot pink lip. I haven't actually put together any outfit because I want you to do that.

Snake Print Boots

I have never bought a boot that was fun. These are fun boots that I wouldn't necessarily wear every day, but they add a splash to any boring outfit and are very rock and roll. I got mine at Call it Spring for $55 and they are very comfy. Perfect for all day work meetings, when your outfit may be boring or a house holiday party when you just want to feel confident and not stuck to the wall.

Satin Blouse

I have also never owned a satin blouse and maybe it's this newfound women in me, but I really wanted this when I saw it on the Reitmans website. I got mine for $30ish and it comes in a nude shade as well, which I have been seeing everywhere. I think this would look great with some dark jeans and the snake print boots above.

Camel Pea Coat

100% bought this coat to go to a conference at work and it's come in very handy since. I got mine on sale in September for $47 at Old Navy and now it's on extra sale, but sold out in every size except for XXL. It's a super versatile coat and looks so cute when it's left open.

Dark Green Knitwear

I made this scarf for a conference and didn't need it because it was so warm. I did however end up wearing it for another conference and it's so perfect for the holiday season to keep you warm. I love the dark green tones and found a hat that was super similar to the yarn I had for the scarf at Roots.

Leather Skirt

I know, who's that girl. I have literally never worn any of these items, but I love the idea of a leather skirt, so I thought why not get one! I am jumping out of my clothing comfort zone. I got this one on Reitmans for about $35 and it didn't come from the store, but online and I sized up because my regular size did not fit.

Enjoy your holiday season and be safe.

Thanks for reading,



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