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Sober for Three Months... Kind of

I just want to start by saying, I was not abusing alcohol. I wanted to see what it would be like not having wine at home over the weekends. I did it for my health and I did it to see how I would feel, it was very interesting.

I think we take drinking a little lightly, like we make jokes "Oh gonna need a glass of wine for the day that we had" or media makes it so casual, it's like where is the IV for my hangover? I like wine as much as the next person, but I know that it makes me feel awful and in moderation it can be fun, but not every day. I also know people feel the need to drink to fit in, which is heartbreaking. Especially in university where it's so normal and if you don't it's not normal.

There were some rules though:

1) I couldn't have alcohol at home

2) I could still have alcohol at a restaurant

3) I could still have alcohol at Christmas

4) I couldn't have a casual glass of alcohol

5) I made exceptions where I saw fit

6) I had to make an effort from November to January

How did I do?

1) I had wine at home I think three times, one was for a party, then there was the week of Christmas, finally Bachelor Monday. I think I did really well with that on this one.

2) I did have wine and drinks at restaurants, but I went once or twice, where I had alcohol.

3) I did have alcohol at Christmas and I felt gross at the end. Just like going on vacation, I had a great time, I had wine, cheese, desserts, then I went to the gym when vacation was over.

4) I never had a casual glass of alcohol. I was really good about that one.

5) I made exceptions where it was appropriate.

6) I went from November to January.

How did I feel? I felt a lot more energized, I woke up on the weekend feeling good. I slept through the nights, which I was having a hard time doing. I felt less puffy. I drank a lot more water and kombucha. If I wasn't drinking, I had a lot more time for activities. Overall, I felt really good.

How did I do it? Well, I just stopped, but I did supplement with kombucha if I wanted something other than water. Kombucha is delicious and has many benefits for the gut.

Was this little experience interesting? Yes. Did I find myself enjoying it? Yes. Would I recommend this to anyone? Yes. It was super beneficial to me and my health. Again, I did not have any issues with abuse of alcohol, but I wanted to do this for my health.

Thanks for reading,



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