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My Biggest Wastes of Money

Ever spend so much money on something and ultimately never use it? Or think you need this super expensive thing, then realize you could have gotten at a cheaper price? Or buy something cheap and never use it?

I have. I am also really good at it. That being said, I think being mentally healthy means you can handle whatever kind of finances you have. Which means being responsible and not buying things because you think you will use it, you have to know you will use it. One of my goals for 2019 is spending less money, which means only buying the essentials and sometimes treating myself to something new. I'm not here to tell you how to spend your money, I am only here to tell you how I shouldn't have spent mine.


Here are things I wasted my money on:

1) Beachbody Products

I was a Beachbody coach and I loved the video's, but they really make you think you need the rest so for eight months straight, I paid for the DVD, then I paid for the Shakeology (not every month, but at least 5), then I paid for the coach membership, then they introduced Beachbody on Demand and I bought that. I did the math and I spent approximately $1,140 in eight months.

I was 100% using this every day for two months, so the other six months were a complete waste of time and money. They really suck you in and to tell you the truth, Shakeology sucks so much, it's disgusting and it costs $144 a bag after the coach discount.

I know too many people with side hustles and for some it works so well, but I honestly have stopped buying because I feel the need to get the persons approval. It's a waste of money to buy something you don't 100% believe in it. You can try something, but if you stop loving it, stop buying it.

2) Year-long yoga membership

I committed to something I stopped using every day after four months... I love yoga, I love Modo, but I started working out at the gym and I was really enjoying that. I still have my year-long membership, but I only make it once or twice a month. Which is a waste of money because the year-long membership is really for the people who go every day or almost every day.

Some of you will be like "why don't you just go", well, it's no longer a priority to go four days a week. I have major body issues and I find a get better results with a personal trainer who knows all my injuries. I also have a lot of anxiety working out in any capacity, so I pick and choose.

If you're going to commit to something because it will save you money, really make sure you love it and know you will use it for the entire year. I don't want to mention how much I spent, but it was enough to feel super guilty about not using my membership.

3) Makeup I didn't read the reviews for

I was so so guilty for this! I, up to a few months ago was still clearing products I bought and never really used. I love products and I love trying out new things, but I was really bad at not reading reviews and just buying to buy. It's the high of buying that kept me purchasing products I may or may not use. Once I established a hair care routine, I got rid of everything else that I never used. I have stopped buying skin care I didn't like or made me breakout. I got rid of skin care that didn't serve me. I am starting to do this with makeup now. I am on a year-long challenge to not buy anything new unless I run out and it's a daily item I can't live without.

All I can say is once you have an established skin care and hair care routine, why buy more, it's a waste. It's fun, but if you do want to try something, read all the reviews. I've also committed to not renewing my Sephora VIB Rouge because it's so much money.

4) Clothing that didn't fit and was full price

Fast fashion is killing the environment. I've spent so much money on clothing I thought I needed, but didn't really. Yes, fashion changes, but style does not. You can have style that is timeless and that is the goal when I purchase new pieces. It's also key to make sure the piece fits you properly because everything that stopped fitting me properly, I have given away, essentially throwing money away.

5) Buying two new set of glasses every two years

I have six pairs of lenses that all look identical. I have a pair of designer glasses. THIS IS BY FAR THE BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY. I don't know why I bought new glasses every time my prescription changed, but I did. The next time my prescription changes, I am just going to pick my two favourite glasses and change the lenses. Nobody needs that many glasses in such short little time, especially not designer frames.


I hope my mistakes help you.

Thanks for reading,



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