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Three Personal Development Books you Need

When I did Beachbody, they encouraged coaches to read personal development books to feed our brains. You can find personal development books in the Self-Help section of the bookstore. I hate the description of self-help because I think it gives a terrible connotation to developing your self. Reading about self development is nothing to be ashamed of, if the text is right, it can help you move from a place in your brain you don't like to a place where you flourish as a human.

I love a good personal development book and I tend to read them in the winter months. Here are some of my favourites:

1) Mastering Your Mean Girl

This book taught me about love and asking what would love do. I genuinely started to stop speaking to myself negatively after reading this book. I learnt that to feel better, I needed to live from love and not from hate.

2) Big Magic

As a creative person, I love to write, but sometimes my writing upsets people who don't understand my creativity. This book helped me get back on track when it came to writing. It's all about living creatively and she uses a lot of writing examples, but I felt so much more comfortable being creative when I read this.

3) The Universe Has Your Back

I read this one slowly because I couldn't get into it, but then I did and I really enjoyed it. It's about finding the faith in the universe. That if you put positivity into the world, the world will have your back. It helped me remember to remain positive in any situation.

Whatever book you pick, make sure it fits for your life.

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