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2019 Recap

2019 was probably my favourite year to date. After four years of continual self-growth, I went into this year with an open mind; to live authentically and with a positive mindset. I wasn't expecting anything cool to happen, except for my trip to Europe, but so many wonderful things happened. I honestly believe it was because I let life roll itself out and adopted a "good-enough" attitude. It was incredible how my life shifted when I stopped stressing over nibble things.

In 2019, I turned 26. a fresh start to my second quarter and I finally started to feel 100% like myself. A strong independent woman, who is smart, beautiful, and creative in her every day life. It feels amazing! I can't help but want to thank everyone who has made this year incredible. Here is a recap of my 2019.



I had a very quiet January. I spent a large part of it taking care of myself and cleaning my house.


In February, I applied for a new job and I got it. I participated in NBFYN's Career Bootcamp 2019 and spent a lot of time outside.


In March, I went to Halifax for a weekend, visited a sugar shack, and started my new job part-time while I finished my old job.


In April, I went to wine fest, made brunch for my friends, taught at my sisters school, and went to Montréal.


In May, I got my new bike, cleaned the environment, figured out I wasn't allergic to lobsters, volunteered for United Way, and finished preparing my garden for the summer.


In June, I went to bingo, hiked, celebrated my moms retirement, planted my garden, cleaned the ocean some more, participated in NBFYN's Amazing Race 2019, and I finished June with a visit to PEI. Oh I also celebrated my birthday the whole month!


In July, we went to see John Mayer in Providence, so we stayed in Warwick and visited Newport, and Salem.


I started August by traveling to Paris. I then traveled to Nice, Cannes, Gourdon, Saint Paul de Vence, Florence, Lucca, Pisa, San Gimignano, Volterra, Siena, Monteriggioni, Sorrento, Pompeii, took a boat tour around Capri, Positano, and Rome. Then I spent the rest of August catching up to my life.


Started September by visiting my cousins for a baby shower. Then my family came for a visit and we had lobster, then I went to see Céline Dion in Québec City.


In October, I went to KnitEast to check it out, "ran" for the cure, planned NBFYN's upcoming year of events, voted, did my first work presentation, attended Social East, and made a great Halloween costume.


In November, I went to Eating Heritage a conference about New Brunswick's food sector, met Matty Matheson, held an internal Open House for my department at work, went to New Brunswick's Business Growth Summit, then had surgery to fix my nose.


You would think December was quiet, but it was not. I helped plan my works corporate day, and spent a lot of time re-focusing my energy on me. I also helped with Christmas families at work.

I started 2019 quietly and without me event realizing it, I did so many fantastic things. What an incredible year. I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful year filled with joy, peace, and fulfillment.

Thanks for reading,



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