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Top 5 Beauty Products of 2018

2018 was a year I tried a lot of new products and re-purchased a lot of stuff. I tend to write about my top 5 every year and it's always stuff I've tried. This year, I wanted to share products I hadn't tried until this year.

Natasha Denona makes excellent products, but this blush was so pretty and so perfect for my complexion. It doubles as a highlighter and is such a perfect combination of pink and peach. It's a really beautiful product. This is Duo Glow in Alba.

Yves Saint Laurent never made a smell I liked, until my roommate from last year wore this scent. As we get older our scent palette changes and I really wanted to wear this now. Black Opium is a mature scent. It's warm and has notes of black coffee, white flowers, and vanilla. Hello, this is me in a scent.

I follow NUDESTIX on Instagram and they shared this red lipstick and it was perfect in picture. I never thought I would buy a lipstick without swatching it, but I did. This is the Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Pencil in Stiletto. It's such a vibrant red with blue undertones.

I had run out of my face serum and Sephora stopped carrying the brand, which makes sense because the brand shut down unexpectedly because of fraud. I was trying to find one that was reasonably priced and couldn't find anything with the ingredients that I wanted, which was to regenerate skin. Then I went to the Body Shop and now I can't live without the Drops of Youth, Youth Concentrate. It's such a nice serum for the day. I don't use it at night, but I love how it helps replenish my skin for the day.

Finally we have the Briogeo Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo. I needed a new dry shampoo and I refuse to use an aerosol can, so when I stumbled on to this, I was so excited, I love Briogeo. This dry shampoo is what dream dry shampoos are made of. I love the smell, I love how it doesn't leave a film on my hair, and it really absorbs the grease. Also, it's has the clean at Sephora stamp of approval. Highly highly recommend.

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